Saturday, December 21, 2013

7 Surprising Ways to Save Money on Medical Bills

There are many unexpected expenses that that can wreak havoc on your budget. Medical bills are certainly at the top of that list. And they always seem to appear when you least likely expect them, or want them for that matter. Fortunately, not all hope is loss. There is light at the end of the financial tunnel. Here are seven ways to save money on medical bills and begin reclaiming your financial freedom!

Call The Medical Billing Company

Before you pay your bill, you should call the medical billing company listed on the bill for information. The company should be able to give you information on your bill and ways to save money on your medical bills.

Check for Errors On The Bill

A surprising amount of medical bills contain errors. In some cases, patients are billed for items that they did not use, or they are billed twice for the same item. Although it may take some time, it is wise to go over each and every bill to check for errors before paying your bill.

Make Sure That Your Insurance Was Billed

Medical billing companies send out bills around the start of each month. However, your insurance check may not have cleared before the bill was sent out. This means that the amount that you owe on the bill is inaccurate. 

Pay The Insurance Rate

One of the leading medical billing companies in Utah advises that If you don't have insurance, ask if you can pay the same amount that the medical insurance companies pay. Hospitals and other medical providers bill self-paying patients differently than they do patients with health insurance. Because of this, it is wise to ask if you might be able to pay this amount instead of the amount that you owe.

Set Up a Payment Plan With Automatic Deductions

If you owe a bit on your medical bill and cannot pay the amount, you should ask to set up a payment arrangement. In some cases, you can save money if you agree to have the fee deducted automatically from your checking account.

Ask About Any Charity Funds That Might Be Available

If you have a modest income, you may qualify for a charity fund that some medical organizations have created. If you do qualify, a portion or your entire bill may be forgiven if you do qualify. It is definitely worth checking into!

Make Sure That The Doctor or Other Health Provider Accepts Your Insurance!

Before making an appointment, make sure to double check. If you go to a doctor outside of you network, your fees may be higher or you may have to pay the entire bill out of pocket.

There is no way to avoid the inevitability of medical bills. We all have to face them at one point or another. While no one is immune to medical bills, following the advice listed above will go a long ways to minimizing medical bill expenses and putting money back in your wallet.

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