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Consultation and Awareness as a Pre-requisite to your US Immigration

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As US became a region for promising a high standard of living and providing multiple employment opportunities; it also gained a high popularity for the migration seekers to explore better living opportunities. However, the process entails a lot of challenges and pre-requisites that need to be fulfilled. Under various typical US immigration visa categories such as the marriage visa, as well as under the diversity visa program, millions of visa applications are received every year. The basic information concerning various immigration applications are listed on the United States Citizenship and Immigration services (USCIS) website. Proper consultation and awareness along with a basic knowledge of the procedure, eases the process of application tremendously. 

Challenges and difficulties involved in the process for US immigration

All across the world, since decades, there has been a great trend of attempting to settle in the US or to strive for a permission to work there for better economic prospects. However, to attain the aforementioned goals, various requirements should be catered to before applying for this immigration. Since the immigration application is weighed according to the extent of the applicant’s eligibility; therefore, the overall process may be easier for some but can prove to be difficult for others. An application for immigration requires you to establish the reason for which you consider moving to the US. Generally, priority is given to people who already have family or a spouse in the states. Similarly, for those who do not have a connection with the country or any family member in the states, the criteria for them can be quite strict. 

Why consider consultation for immigration

To counter the difficulties and complications that are a part of the immigration process, consultation is essential for a potential immigrant. If one is able to afford an immigration attorney, it is all the more a better option. An immigration attorney will be able to provide you with a more detailed advice and guidance until the end of the process of your application. Even when hiring a professional attorney is not within your reach, many online consultation services tend to offer you free advice regarding US immigration. The immigration application involves a large amount of paperwork and hence many applicants may tend to find it extremely overwhelming. It becomes an extremely tedious task to familiarize oneself with a large number of rules and regulations pertaining to the process of US immigration. When applying for a certain visa such as the marriage visa, the applicant needs to have a thorough knowledge of all the documents and evidence required to prove one’s eligibility. The immigration processes and the technicalities involved, are therefore made much easier to cope with given some immigration consultation is obtained.

Consultation for immigration also makes easier the task of deciding which visa to apply for and in understanding the necessary regulations that apply to it. A consultation service may also guide you regarding the process itself, which involves information about the required application forms and the necessary documents. Given how crucial this process tends to be, care must also be taken when choosing your attorney. A simple online search will enable you to make the right decision in this regard, by comparing attorneys and consultants and viewing their history of cases dealt successfully.

Kinds of immigration categories and the technicalities involved

A basic awareness of the major kinds of US immigration categories is vital for all potential applicants. Along with good consultation, some awareness can really turn things in your favor when it comes to seeking US immigration. Given the purpose for which the applicant requires the immigration, the US government has formalized different categories.

  • Immigration apart from various other typical reasons is permitted for humanitarian purposes and for refugees as well. Such immigration is for those refugees who are unable to return to their homelands because of certain dangerous conditions. For the above mentioned category, the ‘US government’ will specify the number of immigrants accepted per year.
  • One other form of immigration program under the humanitarian assistance category is the diversity visa program. This program selects 50,000 people every year for the US immigration, through a computer generated lottery. The eligibility for this program entails those countries that have less than 50,000 people immigrating to the US in a span of 5 years. For this category, applicants apply two years in advance. For example, the candidates for the DV2016 program will start applying in the year 2014. 
  • Every year around 480,000 family based visas are also made available for immigration to the US. Under the ‘immediate relatives’ category’ for US citizens or through the ‘family preference system’, the family based visas are granted. For both the categories, certain age and financial requirements are required to be met by the applicants.Employment based US immigration is yet another popular category in this regard. The immigration policy of the United States allows immigration of people that possess valuable work skills on both temporary and permanent basis. Both these visas tend to have a numerical limit along with a per country limit.

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