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Dangerous Business of Non-profit Debt Consolidation

Wipe our Debt
Wipe our Debt (Photo credit: Images_of_Money)
These days a large number of people are in debt. Some of them are in a deeper hole, while some are beginning to get stuck in the never ending cycle of debt repayment. Loan may provide you with funds required to fulfill your immediate demands, but the normal human attitude towards money is to spend it when you have it, and beg for more afterwards. Be it begging for time or money, after all, time is money!

This may not be something everyone wants, but the problem of debt is faced by almost everyone at some point in their life. These days, loans are taken right at the time when one is very young and he or she would get stuck in the debt repayment cycle for a very long time.

There are times when people need immediate action to solve the problem of debt payment. Suppose you are in debt, you have to pay $50000 by end of 3 years. If you default on repayment, you risk losing your house or car, whatever it is. This is where two options are usually seen, one is to borrow more money so you can pay off the other creditor, or go to a debt consolidation company who would extend your repayment period and also reduce the interest rate.

These debt consolidation companies have their own fees, which might just be an additional burden on you. But there are also these non-profit debt consolidation loans companies which charge absolutely nothing to you (At least that is what everyone thinks). Not all companies that use the tag non-profit are all honest and care for the people. They can scam you right away and you will be in an even deeper hole.

Such debt consolidation companies often advertise how quickly they would remove your debt by reducing you interest rates and the amount you pay. Often they tell you things which are too good to be true. There can be testimonials from people who are smiling and telling you how quickly their debt was cleared. But there is always a catch which can dig an even deeper hole in your bank account.

Signs of a Good Nonprofit debt consolidation company
  • Nonprofits should charge a very small amount of fee to setup your account and other stuff that is required. A nonprofit debt consolidation company who charges no fee and promises to fix your debt problem should be carefully examined before dealing with them.
  • Ask for a nonprofit organization license issued by the government or the state government. Most of the states require all nonprofit organizations to have a license to operate. Not having one would apparently look like some shady business and it is advisable for one to stay away from them. 
  • If any debt consolidation company promises you to get you out of debt very fast, then they are lying. Stay away from them! Getting in the debt took you time, and getting out of it would require time too! Considering that you are at a tipping point is the reason why you went to a nonprofit debt consolidation company, i.e. you are in a deep hole. Filling a hole deep enough requires time. 
  • Check out online reviews for all the nonprofit debt consolidation companies that you have on your list. If you need to make a choice, there is a very great website known as BBB (Better business Bureau). All you have to do it enter the organization name and check out their reviews.
Remember, no consolidation company is going to miraculously make your debt go away. It takes time to get out of it. Spend the money wisely, and choose a good debt consolidation company to pay off your debts.

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