Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Debit Cards the Safer Bet for Teenagers

At some point, every young person will need to learn how to effectively manage their money. A prepaid debit card will make the process a lot easier. Whether the teenager is a high school freshmen or just entering college, a prepaid debit card will allow them to make their own financial decisions. Here are some of the benefits of a prepaid debit card for teenagers. 

Safer than a traditional credit card

Even the most responsible teenager could get into financial trouble with a traditional credit card. It is just one more hassle that the parents have to deal with on a monthly basis. On the other hand, a prepaid debit card is a lot more user-friendly. There are not any expensive late fees to worry about. 

Limits the amount of money that can be spent

Unlike a traditional credit card, the teenager is only able to spend the amount of money that is on the account. If the teenager depletes the available funds, the parents can simply reload the card by logging on to their account. The necessary money can be safely transferred from their checking account to the prepaid card’s account. 

Teaches responsibility

A prepaid debit card helps a youngster to learn how to budget their money wisely. A prepaid card for students is a great alternative to cash. The teenagers can simply look online to keep track of their spending habits. Whether they are going to the movies or buying a new necklace, the prepaid card will help to minimize overspending.

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