Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Should You Buy Over-50s Life Cover?

When we are in our 50s, one of the things that we have to think about is what will happen to us in the future, and how will whatever happens to us affect our loved ones. We don’t really want to think about getting older, especially in the close run-up to retirement.

But here’s the thing - when you have a family or dependants that rely on you to contribute towards household bills, something that is very important to think about is life insurance. From an insurance company’s point of view, the older that a person gets, the higher a risk they are to them.

In other words, if you are in your 50s, then there is a higher risk that an insurance policy claim would be made sooner rather than later. However, life expectancy has improved over the past few decades due to better and more effective medicine being available to treat medical conditions.

Every cloud has a silver lining

Coupled to that the fact that more people are wising up to the idea that eating healthier means that they can live longer, insurers take these positive factors into account when they are assessing risk and calculating premiums.

There has also been an explosion of specific over-50s life insurance policies being made available to people on the market in the last few years, including ones with add-on benefits designed specifically for men and women in that age group.

Why take out an over-50s life insurance policy?

There are a number of reasons why I would strongly recommend that you take out an over-50s life insurance policy, some of the main ones are as follows:

  • Financial security - if you have a family, they could be significantly impacted in a financial sense by your passing if they rely on your earnings to pay for the bills. Life cover will ensure that they will be financially secure when you’re not there to provide for them anymore;
  • Funeral costs - the sad truth is funeral costs have risen in recent years, and when you die the financial burden of paying for your funeral might be too great for your family to bear. Having a life insurance policy in place will make sure that these costs are covered, so your family has one less thing to worry about at such a sad time;
  • Peace of mind - just as we like to have savings for a rainy day, life insurance offers us extra peace of mind for the future, so that when we retire we can relax and enjoy our twilight years!

What are the added benefits to over-50s life insurance policies?

The main benefit about life cover for people aged 50 years or over is the fact that they are whole-of-life policies. Unlike typical life insurance policies that are only set for a specific term (a bit like the ones you would take out when you get a mortgage on a house, for example), over-50s life insurance policies stay in place until the day you die.

Some policies might offer you discounted funeral plans that you can pay towards, whereas others might even offer you free life cover if you reach the age of 90 years! But one of the other great things about such cover is the fact that many policies guarantee to accept you - a welcome benefit for those with pre-existing health issues.

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