Monday, December 16, 2013

Six Industries That Will Perform Well as Baby Boomers Retire

The first wave of baby boomers has reached retirement age and they continue to buck trends; defying expectations set by previous generations. Nearly 80 million baby boomers born between 1945 and 1964 have a combined wealth which tops $3.5 trillion. This demographic block is a unique force to be reckoned with and some industries are well placed to benefit from this wealth. If you are looking to change your career, or just to start a side business, these are some of the industries you should be looking in to.

Senior Dating Companies

Believe it or not, the divorce rate has increased in the past 20 years among baby boomers over 50. As this group enters their golden years, they do so with vigor and a level of confidence unknown to previous generations. Rather than going “gentle into that good night” this segment of the population actively seeks love and companionship if they are single due to divorce or widowhood. Many may have tried online dating before, and become disaffected, and others may not trust internet sites to help them find companionship. This being the case, clubs and venues that cater to the single senior crowd have plenty of potential.

Healthcare Industry

Geriatric healthcare and areas that support it will become a booming industry. There will be an increase in demand for all services from routine and preventative care to palliative care. The Department of Labor projects the demand for in home care will grow about 70% over the next decade. These services can be provided by small and large companies, and there is room in the market for both, but smaller players should be prepared to handle the ins and outs of medical billing, and negotiating with insurance providers. An increasing number of seniors will likely rely on government supplemented healthcare, and those who wish to enter this market would do well to study out government regulations and set up relationships with insurers now.


Many baby boomers wisely have embraced fitness as a way to stave off aches and pains that accompany age. There has been an increase in the number of “mature” clients who attend gyms and use the services of personal trainers. Healthier, toned seniors, have become a game changer as rocking chairs are swapped for mopeds. Fitness programs tailored specifically for seniors and their health concerns will do well.

Senior-Friendly Communities

The demand for retirement/senior living communities that provide access to amenities like centers of culture, schools for continuing education and athletic facilities will soar. Architects will see an uptick in requests for senior-friendly communities. Along with these communities will come a demand for good transportation and nearby services. Aspiring entrepreneurs should start investigating what types of amenities and services these communities will want, and be prepared to serve them.


Baby boomers will turn to recreation workers for trips and excursions tailored-made to their group. It behooves travel agents and those connected with the tourism agency to create packages that are senior-friendly because there is a burgeoning market on the rise.

Financial Advisers

Finally, baby boomers will become more reliant on savvy financial advisors to ensure their nest eggs will yield necessary dividends to support a comfortable retirement. With all the talk about entitlement uncertainty, baby boomers are aggressively exploring ways to secure their financial future.

Since the census bureau projects that Americans 65 and older will comprise 1/5th of the population by 2030, entrepreneurs should take note and focus their attention on this group. These industries and others are poised to enjoy a surge in baby boomer consumerism.

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  1. Hah! I laughed a bit at senior dating services - but nonetheless true! Recreation is something I have to keep an eye on myself.


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