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4 Tricks for Investing After Retirement That Stretch Your Savings

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Saving for retirement is one of the most important financial responsibilities that all people share. While most people plan decades in advance and have well established retirement savings plans, very few consider that they will need to continue to invest after they retire. Those that are in retirement should consider the following investment tricks, which will help to ensure that their retirement savings last. 

Invest in an Income Stream

When looking to make their savings last, retirees should consider making an investment that will provide them with a source of income, which could replace some or all of their expenses. A very common investment would be to purchase an annuity. This gives a steady income potentially for life, depending on the annuity type, while the owner also enjoys some tax benefits. Those that are willing to take on a little bit more risk and potentially receive a better return could consider purchasing a piece of investment real estate, such as a small apartment building, and lease it out to tenants. Such investments provide a steady source of income even if initial retirement funds are eventually exhausted.

Hedge Against Inflation

The second trick to follow while investing in retirement is to hedge against inflation. Inflation is one of the most underestimated expenses. While inflation has been low for awhile, over time it can greatly dilute the value of your assets. Instead of keeping your money in cash or money market accounts, at a minimum you should be investing in treasury bills and low-risk bonds, which tend to at least appreciate at the same rate as inflation. Be aware that inflation can cause your funds to decrease in value over time and plan accordingly.

Invest for Growth

While most retirees may focus on ensuring that their assets last their lifetime, it would still be a good idea to invest at least a portion of your portfolio for growth. At least twenty percent of your portfolio should be invested in industries, markets, and companies that are poised for growth. This amount will allow your assets to grow without taking on too much risk if there is a decline in value.

Consider Tax Implications

The fourth trick to maximize retirement savings is to remember to consider the tax implications of any withdrawal from a retirement account that you make. During retirement, withdrawals from your 401k will be taxed at the federal and state level. Depending on the type of IRA you have, the withdrawals may not be taxed at all. Because of this, you should be conscious to ensure that the withdrawals you make from your account limit your tax liability, which will ultimately allow your retirement savings to last.

In conclusion, saving and investing properly for retirement is very important, but investing during retirement can be just as important. No one wants to print a check one day and have it bounce because the retirement savings they've counted on have run out! For those that are looking to invest in retirement and prevent any potential financial disasters, there are several tricks that should be followed, which will help to ensure that their savings last as long as they need to.

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