Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Common Restrictions On Over 50s Car Insurance Policies

For people over fifty, the cost of insurance is something commonly thought to increase as your continue to age. While this may be true with health and life insurance, the cost of car insurance frequently lowers as you get older. Although this is in part thanks to years of safe driving and the experience gained because of it, many companies place restrictions on the car insurance policies of drivers in their fifties and older. While these restrictions help result in lower premiums, they also provide limitations or require additional action in order to receive them.

Mileage Limitations

Frequently, auto insurance companies offer discounts to drivers in their fifties or older based on a reduced level of driving. These mileage limitations can save older drivers a significant amount of money each month, but restrict the total distance that can be driven throughout the life of the policy. After retirement, many people end up making shorter drives, and spending time in their vehicles less frequently. The less time your car is on the road, the less likely you are to get into an accident. With this approach, the lower risk of a claim is passed on to the insured driver through a reduction in premiums. When getting a new policy, ask your agent if there are any limits on the distance your are covered for and verify where your policy is in effect. Some policies only cover certain areas – traveling abroad may require additional insurance.

Defensive Driver Course Restrictions

Another way in which insurance companies reward drivers is through discounts association with the completion of defensive driver courses. Although drivers in their fifties have much more experience behind the wheel than their younger counterparts, the process of aging undoubtedly impairs aspects of driving such as reaction time. Discounts in car insurance for drivers who have completed defensive driver courses are a common way for companies to encourage safe driving and reward drivers who have been in the driver’s seat for decades.

Government Imposed Restrictions For Some Older Drivers

In addition to restrictions on car insurance policies that many companies have in place in order to provide discounts to older drivers, there are numerous other driving restrictions put in place by local governments. While these restrictions will vary based on where you live, it is important to check with your insurance agent regarding any laws that may apply to you.

Some of the more prevalent restrictions for older drivers include:

  • Driving During The Daytime Only – Driving at dark can be dangerous for aging drivers because of a reduction in sight quality. Many municipalities require drivers over a certain age to stay off the road from dusk until dawn.
  • No Driving On The Highway – The highway can be a dangerous place thanks to heavy amounts of traffic and high speeds. As a single mistake in judgment can have serious consequences not just for the driver, but also those nearby, some places restrict where older drivers can operate their vehicles.
  • Mandatory Use Of Driving Aids – Perhaps the most widespread restriction on drivers over fifty is the mandatory use of driving aids. A number of locales require older drivers to complete regular testing to ensure they’re safe to drive and anything needed to drive safely, from glasses to hearing aids, is documented on drivers’ licenses.
  • Being able to obtain more affordable car insurance is a benefit of getting older, but the lower costs are normally not without a trade-off. When obtaining a new policy, verifying any limitations placed by the insurance company, and ask about any other potential discounts you can receive due to your age. By understanding the requirements and restrictions the insurers have in place, you can ensure that you’re getting the coverage needed while saving as much money as possible.

Toni King has worked as an insurance agent for the past ten years and loves sharing his experience through various blogs. Toni often works with older drivers to make sure they’re getting the proper coverage at the best price.

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