Saturday, January 11, 2014

Five Ways To Prevent Damage To Your Home This Year

A well built home is a sturdy structure that can withstand even high winds and pounding rain. This does not mean that a house is bullet proof, and a thoughtful owner will find ways to protect one of life's most significant investments. Simple exterior features and owner strategies can prevent property damage that would be much more expensive to repair. 

Make Sure the Roof is in Excellent Condition

The only materials designed to repel water are the roof and the exterior walls. Everything inside the house, from floor wood to drywall, can absorb water and quickly ruin. Heavy rain can penetrate imperfect tiling or metal sheeting, so it pays to have the current roof inspected for damage or unprofessional workmanship. Roofs are expensive to repair, but the interior is much more so.

Install Shutters on Hinges

The shutters on most houses are just exterior features that look like shutters that can be drawn against a glass window. The real deal can completely cover a window in the event of a storm and can also protect the interior from harsh sunlight. Having shutters mounted to the outside is a simple way to prepare for a storm while contributing to heating efficiency.

Install a Storm Door

Any outside door can be covered with a second door that is solid and might have metal bars. This feature can absorb a blow from flying debris and also increase the safety and thermal efficiency of a home. Metal doors tend to waste heat and leak cold air.

Trim Overhanging Limbs

Not all solutions require an installation. It takes very high winds to send an object flying more than ten feet, and most projectiles will com from the owner's yard. Tree limbs close to the house are a prime candidate. A house can be protect by keeping nearby trees and hedges pruned. Big limbs hanging over a roof should be cut back entirely.

Install More Solid Gutters to Prevent Leaks

Ordinary gutters are installed in sections for convenience. A technique called a seamless gutter rolls one long gutter from a single sheet of steel. The advantage is a precise fit and being able to avoid sections. Gutters are loose at the sections, and winds can knock them separate. This reduces drainage or can cause drainage against the wall. Colorado Seamless Gutters, Inc. is one company that specializes in this little known service.

As a whole, a property can cost over a hundred thousand dollars. It is the largest asset for many people and represents a lifetime investment. Fixes range from inexpensive to a few thousand dollars, but all can pay for themselves many times over.

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