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Knowing Your Options when Purchasing Office Furniture

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Needless to say, different offices have different requirements. Nonetheless, there are some standard office furniture fixtures that are normally used in Australia and elsewhere. The office desk is one such fixture. For most people, their desk serves as their primary workspace, an area where they can type, write, read, compute and answer the telephone. Moreover, across office desks, interviews can be conducted and meetings can be held.

Office furniture suppliers, like Progressive Office in Melbourne, sell desks made from metal, wood, glass and plastic. In most instances, unless it is a specialised "computer desk", a desk will include a horizontal work surface -- which might hold a monitor and computer -- and storage. Specialised computer desks might not provide storage. Desks that do offer storage might have a drawer with inbuilt compartments, designed to hold office supplies, whereas other drawers might have space for files and stationery.

Hutches might be available with desks as well. Hutches offer storage space and usually, they have room for CDs and books, with some letter-sized shelves where projects can be kept. Some have cabinets too. Desks have several distinctive shapes. Frequently, they are oblong, however they can be U shaped or L shaped.

These days, there are four substitutes for desks that are commonly used. Computer stands and computer carts -- compact furniture fixtures that hold a monitor and computer -- can function in place of desks, where space permits. These office furniture items are designed to maximise the use of space. Often, these fixtures are on wheels and can be moved if required. Typically, the carts include some additional storage space, but the stands do not.

Furthermore, armoires have been adapted from their use as pantries or storage cabinets into computer centers. These fixtures combine the advantages of computer cabinets with extra space, and lots of armoires are able to conceal everything they store behind their doors. For a home office, this can be very useful. Finally, some people discover that tables work for them as desks, as well as staging and meeting areas. This can be an appealing option for home offices too, because tables can be used for multiple purposes.

The obvious office furniture item to accompany the desk is the chair. Progressive Office in Melbourne sells numerous types of comfortable and affordable chairs for offices. Executive chairs are the most costly desk chairs, and usually feature leather upholstery. Typically, compared to other chairs, these have more adjustments and higher backs. Managerial chairs are less visually impressive than executive chairs, but the ergonomic design is the focus. Specialized chairs with additional height to fit drafting tables are available with footrests, and with arms as optional extras.

For storage purposes, office furniture can take the form of cabinets (including filing cabinets), shelving and bookcases. These come in a range of materials, such as resin, wood, metal and laminate, and in numerous styles and sizes. Coat racks and meeting tables are two other furniture items that can complete the look of an office. 


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