Wednesday, January 29, 2014

London: Property Heaven or Property Hell

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London is a fabulous city, there is no doubting that. As the capital of our great country it has more to offer than any other of our city locations with cultural, historical, entertainment and sporting attractions all packed alongside the riverside. Sprawling out to the suburbs there is a richness of diversity and quality of character in the neighbourhoods that is not replicated anywhere in Britain; local produce markets bursting with colour line the high streets and crowded makers fairs make the covered market halls lively and bustling.

And yet many are choosing to move away from London instead of flocking to this vibrant and shimmering city. If you are thinking about making this move, then who do you turn to so you can be sure that you get what your property is really worth on today’s inclimate market? 

What’s Out There for Buyers?

Part of the problem with living in London is that it can be very hard to find the right kind of property in the right kind of area at the right kind of price. This may sound like house hunts all over the country and to some extent this is true. However, the London property market has a mind of its own and as such it is rather important to have an inside man, an expert to guide you through the minefield.

Therefore more and more buyers are turning to specialist estate agents or those with local branches, situated in the area where they are seeking to live. Trust in more generic estate agents seems to be slipping as the housing market dips and dives and properties can sit on the market for months or be scooped up within a matter of minutes. The only people who can know what is likely to happen are those based locally who know the complex market inside out. 

And For Owners?

If you currently own a property in London and are seeking that idyllic countryside dream so are looking to sell, be sure to seek out a company that is local to your area and specialises only in the sale and/or letting of London properties. Choosing to go with a generic estate agent or a large scale online corporation will not get you the price that your property deserves so always shop around locally for the best estate agent for you.

Bear in mind the trend for buyers to stick with these specialist services and place your marketing in just the right location for the best response. Make sure that you have dressed to impress at viewings and see the results in a swift sale at the right price for you.

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