Thursday, January 30, 2014

Should you Invest in Property, Gold or Stocks this 2014

Once all the new year celebrations are done with, it is time to deal with the more intricate and complex things that are bound to shape the rest of your 2014, at least in financial terms. Investing has always been an important aspect for every salaried man as it increases their chances at a better life and a slightly higher income. However, these investments always tag along with their own set of risks, which also need to be addressed so as to not lose all your savings in the same. Therefore, before you even consider investing, you need to measure the pros and cons of the same. Ideally, there are three markets which seem intensely attractive to an investor and can help give you good returns depending on the situation. However, the question is, where should you invest? Given below is a detailed account of what you can possibly expect and where you are likely to achieve more positive results.

1.) Real estate:

Essentially, price and the corresponding affordability have a huge impact on the decisions that you make. In any ideal situation, the gap between price and affordability should be lower. However, with the year 2013 rounding up and even after the beginning of 2014, the real estate market has not shown any real improvement. The gap between these two fators continues to widen, with the property rates shooting up every passing day and the corresponding affordability staying constant or sinking down due to the inability of employers to raise income. Therefore, the negative growth in income and the continuous growth in property rates make it extremely volatile for you to invest in real estate. It is being predicted that this scenario is likely to change with the advent of General Elections; however, it is very unlikely that this will have any effect on the benefits that you may enjoy from investing in real estate this 2014.

2.) Stock market:

In Jan 2008, Sensex achieved a commendable feat of reaching 21000 level points. But instead of things improving from that point on, there has been a nearly 50% downfall. Therefore, many people are flustered as to whether or not this is the right area for invetsing in 2014.

Ideally, predicting how a stock market will do is not in the hands of people. Even the best investor or employee may be unable to answer that for you. The fact if the stock market will climb at least 24000 points and upwards remains a mystery. However, the sustainable bull market plays the deciding role for this and since the two factors that define this phenomenon– inflation and interest rates are not exactly in the country’s favour, it may be difficult to predict.

3.) Gold:

Gold has not just been the jewellery of choice but also a popular choice among investors. However, with the prices of gold falling to an all time low, with nearly 40% the past year, this trend continues to see the lower grounds even in 2014 and therefore, would not be very advisable. Not much progress in prices was made past 2013, and the situation is likely to remain the same or fall even further.

4.) So, where should you invest?

Ideally, it would be most rewarding to have your investments in products that are also known as debt products.This includes a vast range of fixed deposits and bonds. It is important that the places in which you invest will give you a redeemable offer and help save money at the very same time. As a rule of thumb, investing in Mutual funds, especially the short term bond funds will do your finances and savings a world of good this 2014.

Author’s bio:
Cher Keel is a finance analyst and works with a well known financial company. She enjoys learning nd reading extensively on investments. She is also a guest lecturer at a renowned finance institute and also writes a finance blog giving out investment advice.


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