Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You're Never Too Old to Earn!

Incredibly, there are still adults careening around financial aspects of their lives armed with only a debit card and crossed fingers. Our 90 day boot camp offers the entry into basic finance, leaving debt behind and entering the saving world. This application can save those users slower in financial maturity and provide easy financial basic education to begin pursuit of solvency. Just as incredibly, there are young capitalists of the future already watching their pennies and investing their quarters, well aware of current market trends. For both human ends of the financial totem, this app provides strong informative education and the resources to use it both now and tomorrow.

Professor Savings is the app for the century, able to equip anyone and everyone with financial skills and the ability to use them through their mobile phone. Even children are learning about their money needs and expenses with this application on their phone apps list.

The application is interactive and armed with fun tutorials. Customers can learn on the run as they enter their financial data throughout their busy days, submit questions and receive fast answers from their trusted mobile. Moving up the financial chain is easy through this app's mobile applications, and it is also entirely painless education for the user. From simple "I have/I want" agendas to the more categorized investment strategies and results, Professor Savings takes users smoothly through all steps of financial acumen. Moreover, this accumulated information and data remain private, confidential, secure and For Your Eyes Only!

This is the missing link of our education system which has never received the attention deserved. Students are busily conjugating verbs in ancient languages yet have been taught absolutely none of the basics in money management. The use of this application can remedy that oversight by educators and teach users how to take up their own reins for financial success. No matter the user's age or background in financial matters, this application can remedy any lack of understanding of money matters and enter a user into financial control. From that entrance level, it is rudimentary for the user to grow in financial management abilities by following the tutorials and video programming.

Control of finances is never taught in today's schools, leaving today's youth bare to the winds of poverty or chance. If the user is not in control of his/her funds and how and where they will be invested or spent, it is a certainty that someone in the future will use those funds in a way not wanted by the user. It is also a certainty that the end results will be losing ones for the user. Lessons in this application show users how to control and manage all funds, no matter the size or type. The resources used in this app are information packed tutorials, many keen witted and timely videos, plus interactive functions to hold the user's attention and enthusiasm.

About the Author:

George L. Hawkins, former CEO of one of Fortune 500's top producing fund families, brought his funds from near termination to success in five years of the worst market in history. Hawkins is an advocate of Professor Savings being utilized in early education for all public, parochial and private educational institutions. Hawkins is an advocate of Professor Savings being utilized in early education for all public, parochial and private educational institutions.

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