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The Top 10 Most Expensive Colleges

College education is very important. It is the last step in formal education and it is in this step that a student’s future will depend. Though there are cheaper or free colleges, most of them are expensive but of course it will be fully compensated with the knowledge you will gain in return. The best colleges are actually expected to have higher tuition fees.

Here are the top 10 most expensive colleges:

The University of Chicago (tuition fee: $57,711)
The school was established by the American Education Society in 1890 -- four years after a school of the same name has been closed due to financial reasons. It is known for its first man-made self-sustaining nuclear reaction from its Physics Department. It also produced 87 Nobel awards.

The Johns Hopkins University (tuition fee: $57,820)clip_image004Located in Baltimore, this university is actually a non-profit establishment. It has been rated as the best when it comes to the fields of science, engineering development as well as medical research for about 3 decades straight!

Parsons the New School for Design (tuition fee: $57,910)clip_image006

If you are aiming to be the best designer someday, then this school is what you are looking for. It specializes in art and design. The school is based in New York and it was established by a great painter named William Merritt Chase in 1896. Being a graduate from this university, you will be labeled as a product of one of the most respected art schools in the world.

The Dartmouth College (tuition fee: $57,996)

This university is one of the 9 Colonial Colleges which was established before the American Revolution. This is the smallest of the nine colleges but it has produced 3 Nobel Prize champions. This school was opened by Eleazar Wheelock in 1769. 

The Claremont McKenna College (tuition fee: $58,065)clip_image010
This is a private liberal arts University which was established and named as the Claremont Men’s College way back 1946. However, it started accepting women students in 1976. This school is known for its very strict admission procedure; thus, they always end up having the lowest number of students.

Wesleyan University (tuition fee: $58,502)


Like the Claremont McKenne College, this university is also a liberal arts college situated in Middletown, Connecticut. It ranks number 2 as the most productive liberal arts school in the whole country when it comes to the number of undergraduates who are continuing to acquire doctorate diplomas. 

The Columbia University (tuition fee: $58,742)

This university is actually named as Columbia University in the City of New York though it is commonly addressed as Columbia University. This is another member of the nine colonial colleges. It is the first school to grant medical degrees and it has produced a number of remarkable alumni.

The Harvey Mudd College (tuition fee: $58,913)

This is another liberal arts school that was established in 1955. They specialize and excel in the field of general sciences. In fact, anyone who graduated from this school have been considered to be one of the highest paid employees.

The New York University (tuition fee: $59,337)

This university is located in Greenwich Village in New York. It was acknowledged in 1831. This school has a huge population of foreign students because it is usually the number one to come up when a foreign student searches for a school on the internet. The school has produced 36 Nobel Prize and 16 Pulitzer Awards.

The Sarah Lawrence College (tuition fee: $61,236)clip_image020
The Sarah Lawrence College is the most expensive college in the world. This university was founded in 1926 by William Van Duzer Lawrence. It is famous for its high standard of teaching. Students who are enrolled in the university are popular for their political interest and activism.

These are the top 10 most expensive colleges. Indeed, quality and reliable education demands higher fees. However, just because you can afford the cost doesn’t mean that you can become one of their students because they have a very strict way of screening their applicants. They do not just accept rich students, but those who are also academically capable.

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