Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kings and Pawns: Five Things You Can Buy Used and Save Money

Aside from the obvious things like houses, boats, cars and clothes, there are quite a few useful items you should always buy used to save money. When it comes down to the bottom line, there are few reasons to buy these items brand new.

There are stacks upon stacks of used books sitting in thrift stores and on garage sale tables just yearning for some one to turn their pages. With the advent of e-books, hardly anyone buys real books anymore, which makes the used market even sweeter. Instead of walking out of a book store with one book, you can buy enough to keep you reading for weeks.
Sports and Exercise Gear

Why not take advantage of children outgrowing their gear quickly or well-intentioned people who hardly used that exercise equipment they purchased as a New Year's resolution? It's easy to find barely used sports and exercise equipment at a fraction of the price of new. Local ads, sports shops and yard sales are all good places to shop and save.

If you knew what the markup is in jewelry stores, you would never walk into one again. Classic and vintage jewelry is always in style at a mere fraction of of the cost of new. Try pawn shops for some of the best buys on used jewelry.
Kitchen Utensils and Gadgets

Don't fall for those late-night television ads offering some gadget at an outrageous price. Wait a month or two and someone who got it as a gift will be unloading it in a yard sale or donating it to a thrift store. If you don't absolutely need a matching set of everything, kitchen utensils are extremely cheap in thrift stores, and you can get better quality for much less money.

From the garden to the workshop, quality tools can be found for pennies on the dollar if you take time to look. Flea markets and estate sales are excellent places to find tools of all sorts. Power tools from pawn shops are a good bet because they have usually been tested.

Save money buying top-end used items for less than you would pay for a lesser quality brand new. Be careful of buying used items online, because you can't test them and may end up losing your money. It's safer to buy from places where you can examine the merchandise to ensure its condition, like Deerfield Pawnbrokers. Where possible, companies with a refund or return policy also protect customers.

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