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Motorbikes A Growing Past Time For The Over 50s

Photo © by Jeff Dean
Photo © by Jeff Dean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Whilst motorcycling might seem like a pastime better suited to those in the first flush of youth than to people that are contemplating early retirement, there is no reason why you cannot continue to enjoy the thrills, but hopefully not the spills, of biking well into your 50s and perhaps even longer. To help older riders make the most of their time on the open road, I have compiled a short list of tips that I hope will be of some use.

1. Take your time when buying a new bike. Younger bikers tend to get carried away with all the excitement that accompanies new models but more experienced riders can take a more relaxed approach to shopping for a bike and pick one that really suits their style of riding. Industry announcements, such as the one stating that fuel leaks affect thousands of BMW bikes around the world, are worth perusing before you start to look around, just so you are aware of the potential problems of some of the models currently on sale. However, not all problems of this nature are serious and can result in the appearance of some real bargains on the second hand market.

2. Look for a specialist insurer. Younger motorists are often penalised for their lack of experience when it comes to insurance premiums so it makes sense to take advantage of your more mature status when riding in your 50s by dealing with an insurer that appreciates you represent a lower risk and rewards you for this fact with generous discounts.

3. Protect yourself. Every motorcyclist should wear protective clothing but it is especially important for the more mature rider to minimise the chances of breaking any bones. Whilst the law stipulates that every rider must wear a helmet, it is left to the individual’s judgement as far as other safety items are concerned. I would recommend wearing a back protector as a minimum, preferably one inserted in a good quality leather jacket. A decent pair of boots and leather trousers are also a good idea if you are likely to be riding at speed for any length of time.

4. Wrap up warm. In addition to investing in protective clothing that will minimise the chance of serious injury whilst riding, you should buy some good quality cold weather garments if you are planning to ride during the winter months. Even if you are only going to get your bike out on warm, sunny days, you should always have a decent waterproof jacket and trousers to hand in case it should start to rain unexpectedly. Nobody enjoys getting soaked, and standing around in wet clothes in your late 50s is definitely a bad idea if you intend to stay fit and healthy.

5. The road less traveled. If you want to really enjoy biking in your 50s, it might be a good idea to stay away from the madding crowd and pick routes through quiet parts of the country when organising weekend rides with your friends. More mature riders understand how precious time on a bike is and it is far more enjoyable, and safer too, when the road ahead is not clogged with Sunday afternoon drivers who are completely oblivious to their surroundings.

I hope that the above tips help you to enjoy motorcycling whatever your age and if you would like to have your skills and experience on a bike formally recognized, you might like to consider taking an advanced riding course at an Institute for Advanced Motoring center near you. Once you pass, you may find it cheaper to insure your pride and joy.

About the Author:
Carole Nash is a company in the UK that caters to those requiring biker-friendly home and travel insurance. They understand how fuel leaks effect thousands of BMW bikes and aim to provide cover for such situations.

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  1. Motorbikes are very important means of transportation especially for those working during rush hour. I can't imagine being in a car or travelling publicly especially when you are in a rush hour. You'll spend more time in the road rather at home. It is more convenient during those times though you have to be extra careful.


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