Thursday, March 27, 2014

What You May Have At Home That Could Bring In More Money

Some homeowners don’t realize that they may have hidden treasures in their home. These valuable items might be in plain sight, overlooked or stashed away and forgotten. In today’s economy, every little bit of income is a welcome relief. To find the value of anything worth investigation, the Internet or library are popular sources. Whether the items are antiques or contemporary, just about anything collectible has a website that describes the item, dates it and appraises value to it. It only takes a little research to discover the value of anything that catches your eye and might provide extra income. If you have seldom or never gone through articles in your basement or attic, the time to start is now since these are likely troves for unexpected treasure.

Paper and Print Products

The sky is the limit when considering old paper and print products. We’re talking about old books, comic books, baseball or football cards, stamp collections, old programs, advertizing or movie posters and other paper items that denote age, groundbreaking events or cultural significance. First addition rare books and comic books in good condition are very desirable to collectors, and age is certainly a consideration. Books over 100 years old that are rare and not first editions can fetch money as well as author-signed copies from famous authors. Comic books from the 40s to the 70s are valued by the collector for either rarity or subject matter—Spiderman, Batman and Superman, to name a few. An old stamp collection can bring in a tidy sum if it is an old and forgotten collection that might have increased in value over the years.

Movie and circus posters are valuable when found in aged and original condition regardless of the genre or subject matter. The oldest movie posters come from the silent era of films that feature some of the very first actors that became household icons. Any poster related to King Kong, Frankenstein, Karloff or Lugosi films (The Black Cat, The Mummy, Dracula) and Metropolis can fetch very high dollars. Some of the very early Ringling Brothers circus posters are very desirable and rare. Movie and circus posters have extra value because of the artists who rendered them and some names are considered very valuable.

Old baseball and football cards, the earlier the better, are sought after by serious collectors. This depends upon the athlete, their record, notoriety, or even their controversial nature such as Shoeless Joe Jackson. 

The Old Toy Box

Grandpa and Grandma’s toys may be very desirable to any collector since they may have been made during the war years or prior. These toys were made to last, usually made of metal, prior to the plastic manufacturing process. Japanese toys made of tin from the ‘60s and ‘70s have a niche all their own, and in good condition can sell to the highest bidder. Some toys that are more recent can fetch enormous sums, like the 1994 GI Joe Manimals Vortex MOC C-7, which pulled in $20,100 on eBay just recently. Toys need to be researched, with particular attention to age, manufacturer, popularity if in a series or film media and condition. Toys in their original packaging can fetch twice the price of a standalone piece.

Gold and Silver

You can never go wrong with gold and silver jewelry since these items are worth their weight in precious metals. However, if they are antique pieces such as rings, earrings, broaches, bracelets and necklaces, there can be some hefty money involved. Any semiprecious gems or stones attached to the item are an added bonus. Gold and silver items can come in different styles like art deco, baroque and Victorian. Antique pieces will typically have that older, worn look that might have a patina which shows some exposure to the elements. 

Gold is rated in karats, typically 10K, 14K, 18K and 24K. Sterling silver may have markings like .925 or .999 which denotes the amount of silver used in production. Any plated jewelry pieces do not command as much as the pure metals. It is very important to have jewelry appraised by a professional. Such sources like a Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, local jewelry shops and jewelry appraisers are qualified to determine the intrinsic and real value of domestic and foreign jewelry. 

Old Mobile Phones

One of the more contemporary sources of hidden treasures is the discarded mobile phone. It is not uncommon for a family to discard old mobile phones in exchange for new ones that debut every year or so. A family can accumulate a half dozen or more
. The thing is they have value when turned into buyers who have exchange programs on the Internet. You would be surprised how much they can demand in price, simply because they are loaded with expensive circuitry and metals that are highly recyclable. Now is the time to gather them up and research their worth on the Internet. Some models will command higher prices than others. 

Searching for hidden treasures in your home is not complicated. You don’t need a road map, old house or secret panel to find potential items of value. It takes some luck, but mostly a keen eye and a little investigation to determine exactly what you have that might bring in unexpected dollars. You might be surprised at what’s been sitting under your nose all this time.

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