Thursday, April 3, 2014

Six Items Or Services You Didn't Realize Are Draining Your Wallet

One of the best ways to get control of your finances is to focus on products and services that are not needed or you are simply spending too much money on. Once you become aware of your spending habits, you will most likely recognize issues specific to your own finances. The following are only six ideas, and some of them may apply to you.

Impulse items at the supermarket

Most of us waste money at the supermarket. Often it is due to not knowing specifically what you are going to buy, and you impulsively purchase something you could do without. The way around this is to make sure you have a list before you go to the store. 

Too much fast food

Getting into the habit of buying fast food is costly. Although it may seem cheap to buy fast food, making your meals at home and even making a lunch for work is lower in cost. It is healthier when you choose your food carefully, and quick meals can be made at home as well. 

Bottled water

It is difficult to convince people, but tap water can just as healthy as bottled water. While bottled water may be more convenient in some situations, using that as your only source of water can be very costly. Not only is it a drain on the wallet, but those plastic bottles are polluting the planet. Find yourself a good sports bottle that can be reused. If you prefer bottled water, consider getting a large, refillable cooler instead of buying cases of water bottles. 

Use your dealer for car repairs

Car dealers have certified mechanics, so they have the specific skills and parts needed to fix your car. They use the genuine replacement parts and honor all manufacturer warranties. Having the job done right the first time is a big money saver. Click here for more information about how you can save money in car repairs buy going to a dealer. 

Banking fees

The number of banking fees that a typical person experiences is high. Even when they are low, by the end of the year, they can add up to a larger amount than expected. The best way to reduce this drain on your wallet is to open an account with a credit union. The fees are lower, and in some cases, they will waive some of those fees. When the time comes to get a loan, you will find out that they have lower interest rates than banks. 


Consumers often pay too much for their insurance policies. This is especially true with car and home insurance. One reason you may have too much insurance is that there are specific types of coverage that are not needed, or the value of the policy is greater than the asset. One of the biggest issues with paying too much money is not getting quotes. People get into the habit of paying for insurance with the same company year after year, not realizing there may be a much better deal with someone else.

These ideas are only a few possibilities. You need to take a look at your own expenses and search for possible money burdens on your wallet. Making simple changes to your spending habits can make a big difference in the amount of money you can save.


  1. Oh man, bottled water - so bad! It's so much easier to just get a cheap refillable bottle and fill it up. Lasts as long as you like, you can take it everywhere, it's a one time purchase and it's so much better for the environment!

  2. During grocery shopping, I do not take my kids with me. With my kids around, I absolutely spend way too much from my budget because they keep on getting what they want and it takes so much time to refuse what they got for themselves. Of course, preparing a list of what to buy is a must for me.


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