Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Retirement Fun: What to Spend that Leftover Cash On

You have worked all of your life to save money, and now you have leftover cash in your retirement account. There are some fun things you can do with that money like vacations and dinners, or you can make a few improvements in life for fun that will last longer. 

Vacation Time

Instead of getting up early for work every morning, why not get up early to see the sun rise over the ocean, or take a walk along a mountain trail? Use some of the money you have leftover on a dream vacation. This could be a cruise, a trip to a mountain lodge, or a vacation to a beach to walk along the sandy coast. You will have plenty of time to enjoy your vacation as you don't have to worry about getting back home. Take the time to enjoy a good meal you wouldn't normally have at home, or go shopping for souvenirs to remember the trip. Retirement is the time to live out the dreams you’ve had all your life.

Learn a Little

If you want to stay at home instead of traveling, then consider adding an area in the home where you can read in comfort. Add a comfortable chair and bookcase to hold all your books. Learn about something you are interested in, but never had the time to read about. This could be anything from how to plant a garden, to reading about your favorite musician. You can also take a class at a community college to learn a skill you can use for a part-time job or hobby. 

Home Renovations

Now is the time to make your home look how you’ve always wanted. Add a new room for guests or put in that deck you’ve dreamed about. A Nanaimo custom home builder can give you ideas on ways to use a new room or how to update an existing room so it becomes more functional. Some home renovations in Nanimo might include new carpet, or new cabinets in the kitchen. 

New Adventures

Instead of sitting on the front porch swinging every afternoon, get out and enjoy life by going on an adventure you have always thought about. Take a hot air balloon ride over the city, or explore the Grand Canyon. Take a tour bus ride to a fun destination like Niagara Falls. Try kayaking down a relaxing river, or hiking up a mountain. The adventures are endless, and you can choose how often you want to go, or if you want to go with friends. Some adventures cost little to no money so you can save retirement funds for other fun activities or necessities. 

Become a Collector

Fill your home with stuff you like, and never had the time to collect while you were working. Put your efforts into collecting things you know you will cherish. Find something that holds a special place in your heart, such as precious stones, or American flags. If you have never collected anything, then go to a flea market or specialty store to see what your options are, before making an investment in something that will only clutter the home. 

Invest in Family

One of the best things that you can do is invest in family. Start a savings account so family members will have something to divide after you pass away. Create memories by taking everyone on a vacation, or get a family portrait made so you can have a special keepsake for the rest of your life.

You only have one life to live, and after you have worked through most of it, there are things you can do with retirement money that will make your later years more memorable. Whether it's adding a new room or simply taking a short vacation, do something that will make you happy.

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