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5 Signs You Need to File for Bankruptcy

Most people see bankruptcy as a bad thing. No one wants to have to file for it unless they absolutely have to. In fact bankruptcy is there to help people and businesses get their finances under control (Source: Abakhan &Associates Inc.). It may not be fun, but sometimes bankruptcy is necessary. There are many signs that you are heading in the direction of bankruptcy. The following are five of the more common signs, but this list if not exhaustive. 

Borrowing to meet expenses

You may be living on credit cards just to buy food and other basic necessities. If not the use of credit cards, you may be taking out payday loans to get you through to the next paycheck. Whatever your particular situation is, part of your economic survival is dependent upon borrowing. This situation will usually get worse, not better, and the total amount you owe will keep growing. 

One or more debts are in collections

Regardless of how many debts you have, if one or more of these debts are currently in collections, then you may need to file for bankruptcy. This debt may be a car loan that is overdue that is putting your car in danger of being repossessed, or you may be receiving phone calls from debt collectors. Debts in collection are a sign you do not have control of your finances.

Behind in your mortgage payments

This is a bad sign. Once you get behind on your mortgage payments, it can easily lead to foreclosure. Home lenders are notorious for adding late fees and penalties to mortgage payments that make catching up difficult. Bankruptcy can often save your home. In some cases when you file for bankruptcy, some late payments or other penalties may be forgiven. However, it most cases the late payments and penalties are put on hold. The creditors will not be able to collect if at all until your state of bankruptcy has been resolved.

Your savings is gone

Hopefully if you manage your finances correctly, you seldom to never have to touch your savings. If you have a savings account and it depleted, this is a warning sign that you may need to file for bankruptcy. In addition, if your retirement accounts have also been cashed in or you are considering cashing them in, you may need to file for bankruptcy. A bankruptcy can protect your retirement accounts.

You can only make the minimum payments on your credit cards

If you have sufficient income to pay the minimums on your debt each month, you may not think you are on the verge of bankruptcy, but the fact is, you are not making any progress in paying down your debt. The slightest disruption in your personal finances can easily tip you over the edge and into a bankruptcy. If you have multiple credit cards, it is a smart idea to narrow it down to one card. This will help you stay away from the temptation of using too much of your credit to the point that you can’t pay it back. However, you don’t want to get rid of all of your credit cards because you want to try to maintain the best line of credit as much as possible.

There is no single sign that indicates you are ready for a bankruptcy. However, if you can recognize the signposts as you travel down the road to a bankruptcy, you may be able to make necessary changes. At the very least, you will be ready to file for bankruptcy at an appropriate time and not undergo needless stress in your life by delaying the inevitable.


  1. Prevention is sometimes the best cure, appreciate it is easy to say but trying to live within your limits is the key! Avoid unnecessary out goings and try to save, no matter how low your savings are, it all helps

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  3. Cheers for this mate. I googled a bunch and found this for us aussies as well... - definitely worth a read if you're in a pickle!

  4. I think this is a great article about bankruptcy. Thanks for sharing!


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