Monday, October 13, 2014

Save Savvy: Tips for Calculating the Cost of your Retirement

When it comes to planning for the future, one of the main concerns for most people is saving enough money for retirement. With social security, inflation, and the rising cost of health insurance, there are many factors that determine the amount that is needed once entering the golden years. To determine the amount you'll require for retirement with accuracy, there are a few tips to follow to ensure that you can live comfortably.

Look at the Tax Rate

When calculating your retirement, it's important to consider how your money will be taxed. It may be easy to look at a marginal tax bracket, but your income will likely be taxed less and in the 25 percent tax bracket. Use an effective tax bracket rate online rather than depending on a marginal tax bracket to ensure that your numbers are accurate.

Consider Inflation

The cost of inflation will affect how much you'll need to live off of during retirement and should be accounted for to ensure that you can keep up with the rising cost of living. According to, the cost of living in your first year of retirement will likely increase by the fifth year of your retirement. Use an inflation rate of three percent and multiply your income from the prior year by 1.03.

Factor in Assisted Living

Although you may currently be healthy, it can be difficult to expect what age will bring once entering retirement. When calculating how much money you'll need in the later years of life, factor in the cost of assisted living or a live-in nurse to ensure that you receive the assistance needed if your physical or mental health declines according to Sunshine Retirement community.

Determine the Rate of Return

Most people use five to 12 percent of average annual returns after investing during their life, but there are a few factors needed to determine an accurate rate of return and how it will impact what you'll have in retirement. Consider the investment time period and if the rate of return takes inflation into account.

When it comes to calculating the cost of retirement, there are a few factors that will determine how accurate you come to finding the cost of leaving the workforce. Although it's easy to consider the cost of housing, utilities, and general expenses, there are a number of other influences that determine how much you'll need to live comfortably and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Look over here to find out more information about how much living in a retirement community costs.

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