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Spruce up your Bathroom Remodels with Some Easy To-Do Tips and Stay on a Budget

English: Bathroom Refacing
English: Bathroom Refacing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have been living in my home for 20 plus years. The kids have all grown and left, my wife and I never did any remodeling all these years except for some repainting and flooring. Now we are thinking the time is right. 

One of the the places we are considering to make over are the bathrooms. They are old and look it. A little tile here and new fixtures there, I think should do the trick. It looks like its going to be an involved process but that's OK, we are ready for some changes.

Many home owners do not want to have a major remodel and really, most don't need one. Just some improvements here and there will quickly change the entire appearance of a bathroom. I have listed a few easy projects that can be done over a weekend

It's Time to Repaint

When your existing cabinets have great storage space, good lines, as well as tough build quality, restore the appearance with a fresh layer of paint. You must sand the gloss off a recently repainted cupboard as well as repair any kind of damages with wood filler, and after that use a layer of sealer.

English: Black and white tiles bathroom
English: Black and white tiles bathroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Try Some New Accessories

Include something brand-new in your powder room area, but not to pricey. Try some brand-new pieces, such as an impressive mirror, chrome accent racks, as well as towel bars. Some wainscoting on the wall too can help, it can resemble white repainted handmade board. Also repaint the top one-half of the wall surfaces a different shade for an accent.

Enhance your Storage Compartments

Include pullout racks to deep closets to keep items in order and also readable. Improve the cupboard insides too, when it comes to these gliding drawers areas, they assist you to keep organized and away from reaching around at night or losing even more of your precious things.

Complement Your Shower Tile

Affordable white area floor tiles enhance the appearance and also are a cost effective way to complement a shower border. Many showers could also do with a good tile grout cleaning. Over time grout can discolor, fall out and cause leaks. 

You could flavor up the appearance of your shower and put a band of accent ceramic tiles, you could utilize smooth black ceramic tiles that aesthetically connect the shower to the vanity location.

Change the Light Fixtures

You should take out an outdated light fixture for something that's attractive and also brand-new, you'll view your shower in an entire new light. Glass lamps, as well as a layered sheet glass, enhances the appearance and shows the bathroom in a new light .

Ideal To-Do's to Make any type of Bathroom Remodel Spectacular

  • Order a new High-Style Vanity
  • Transform an existing furniture piece into a vanity. Minimize costly cabinets by drilling an opening in the cabinet or top for a drop-in sink as well as tap.
  • Obtain suggestions for doing over your washroom.
  • Update a Medicine Cabinet.
  • Use Megasealed for your tile repairs.
  • Think of ways to use your medication cabinet for more organization.

Best Tip

Change the counter top, find the right counter top that has beauty and also enhances the bathroom over all. For inexpensive alternatives, think about preformed laminate, or visit the factory for a remnant piece of granite for a counter top, and save some money.

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