Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How to Save Time and Money on this Year's Spring Cleaning

With the terrible weather most of the country has seen this winter, you are likely more than ready for spring to come into fruition. However, you aren't too thrilled about spring cleaning. 

There is something to be said about doing your spring cleaning yourself, but there hiring out to someone else to do it for can also save you time and money depending on what it is you are looking to accomplish. So instead of wasting all that time and money, think about hiring a professional team or making your own cleaning products.

Make Your Own Products

Before big name companies came into the spotlight, many people made their own cleaning supplies at home. The ingredients are often quite simple, and you likely have them in your kitchen. The exact recipe you should use depends upon what type of surface you are cleaning and what your goals are for the cleaning task. 

For example, you may use a vinegar spray to eliminate mold from the bathroom ceiling. Making your own cleaning products is also a great way to save money and to avoid chemicals in the house.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Team

If you are really concerned about saving time, then you should look into hiring a professional cleaning company like Maid Brigade House Cleaning Services. You can work with the experts to craft a plan that makes sense for your home and your budget. 

For example, you might want the team to take care of the deep cleaning, but you will tackle the organizational projects yourself. Searching around for a deal, and selecting only the services that you need, can help you to save on cost. You can also search for a cleaning services that specializes in certain areas. 

For example, if you don’t want or have the capabilities to do your own carpet cleaning, then you might want to hire a cleaning service that specializes in that area so that you don’t have to invest a lot of money in the equipment needed for that kind of cleaning. 

This will also allow you to save some time and focus on some of the other cleaning projects that you can easily handle on your own and on your own time.

Put the Family to Work

If you are tired of tackling all of the spring cleaning by yourself, then the time has come to delegate tasks. Virtually everyone who lives in your home can help with some task especially if you have kids. 

Younger children can learn how to fold their clothes, or they can pick out some toys and books that they would like to donate. Making a schedule helps you to finish the spring-cleaning project by a specific date so that you can enjoy the rest of the weather. 

Many kids hate it when their parents give them chores, but for a big project like this it helps to bribe them a little to keep the complaining to a minimum and the time and money saving optimal.

Don't Make More Work for Yourself

Perhaps you just went through all of the kitchen cabinets to make way for new supplies that you received during Christmas, or maybe you just donated a bunch of your clothes. You shouldn't make more work for yourself. 

If you have recently performed a deep-cleaning of a particular area, then leave it off of the list this year. Make spring cleaning about those things that you haven't worked on since last spring.

When you want to save time and money, you have an array of options from which to choose.

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