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5 Reasons to Become a Trader

English: A view from the Member's Gallery insi...
English: A view from the Member's Gallery inside the NYSE (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Many scams and illegal schemes have created a negative perception of the stock trading business. 

The truth is that, in reality, this has very little to do with real stock trading and should not be taken into consideration when thinking about it as a career. 

This can be very lucrative and dynamic work for those who are well-informed and who have the knowledge and know-how to make use of this information. 

Therefore, if you are considering becoming a trader, here are five good reasons why it is worth considering and how to make the most out of a profession that can be truly life-changing.

Working Hours

One of the best perks about trading online is that you choose your own working hours. It’s easy to escape that 9 to 5 routine and do what you like whenever is most convenient. 

Moreover, if you know you will earn more money if you put in more time, you will gladly do so due to the direct incentive of satisfaction in terms of profit and good deals made. 

How To Become A Day Trader - Investopedia
During the heyday of the tech bubble in the late 1990s, day traders made easy money buying and selling Internet stocks.

Vacations and days off are all up to you. You earn as much as you put in, so a balance between these two can be easily made.

Only One Boss: You

For all those people who have problems with

others giving them orders, authority that is based only on the name tag and shots called for them, trading online is the right way to go. 

None of these things are something that you will have to deal with in the future. You will have one boss and one boss only and that is you. You will be the one that calls the shots and the one that makes it all possible. All the success and all the failures will be just yours, so prepare for the responsibility that comes with the freedom. 

This kind of accountability may not be for everyone and not everyone is cut out for it. But if you want to be someone who takes control and responsibility, this is the job for you.

Learning about the World

There much to learn about the world that people who are not engaged in this trade don’t know about. 

However, once you have become immersed in the world of stocks and trade, you’ll start to become familiar with an enormous amount of information about many countries worldwide and their economies. 

How to Become a Wall Street Trader | eHow 
Wall Street is often glamorized as a fast-paced, exciting place to be in the financial industry. Because of this, many people dream about becoming professional traders at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)....

You’ll get to learn about the climate and its influence on agriculture. You’ll learn about geopolitics and the local politics in some countries in order to predict the rise of fall of their economies or certain stocks that are related to them. 

In time, you’ll become aware of how much you’ve expanded your horizons without even realizing it.

The Amazing Variety

Another really interesting aspect about stock trading is the way it’s done. There is not just one way to trade and there is not just one type of stock. This is a business with many approaches and you are free to choose the one you like best. 

Moreover, you don’t have to stick to just one. You are free to combine all your knowledge and to combine stock trading approaches along the way. 

For example, while you may want to conduct extensive research and create a source of steady income through a fundamental approach, meaning you hold on to the stocks for prolonged periods of time, there may also be times when you want something more dynamic. 

One option for this is to take an amount of money you are not afraid to lose and invest it into the dynamic environment of penny stocks. The infographic on this site is great introduction to this exciting option.

Dynamic and Less Risky than People Believe

Parkett-Boerse in Ffm
Parkett-Boerse in Ffm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Some people say that there is less risk or at least the same amount of risk in starting a business as there is in trading stock. 

However, unlike in business, the upside of stock trading is that you can always change your mind, change your stocks, change the way you trade and do something completely different. 

This environment is anything but boring and is flexible enough that you can make what you want out of it. Risk is there, but the risk is manageable if you take proper precautions.
There are many more reasons for choosing the life of a trader. It takes courage, knowledge and education to become a stock broker, but in the end it is worth your while. 

All you are doing is investing in yourself and your own growth in every possible way: as a provider, as a person, and as a good businessman. It’s worth giving some serious thought to.

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