Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tight Budget? How you can Save Money on DIY Home Improvement Projects

No one wants to break the bank when it comes to remodeling or upgrading their home, but a quick look at even some basic DIY projects will have many homeowners shying away. 

One of the main benefits of DIY is saving some extra cash, and here is a look at a few simple tips and tricks that you can use to keep your next project on time and under budget. 

Rent Specialty Equipment

Anyone that plans on becoming a DIY expert is going to need a good set of basic tools, but there may be some specialty equipment that isn't quite practical to purchase right away. Many hardware and home improvement stores offer tool rentals by the hour, day, or week. 

As long as the rental rates are reasonable, then you may want to plan on renting unless you will use that specific tool at least a few times per year. Some commonly rented tools include industrial air blowers, cement mixers, winches, and power saws.

Keep Trim Colors Identical Throughout the Home

Many homeowners want to make every room as unique as possible when it comes to the paint scheme, but this can be prohibitively expensive. Even purchasing enough paint for simple touch ups may be overwhelming, and one simple way to cut down on costs is to keep the trim color consistent throughout the house. 

Everything from windowsills to baseboards can be painted with an off-white tone which matches practically any accent colors on the walls. 

Buy in Bulk Whenever Possible

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From the moment that you know which supplies you will be using a lot of, start looking around for sales on bulk purchases. 

Materials such as flooring and wood paneling should be kept within a close margin of how much you will be using, but other items such as bolts, nuts, and washers from companies like http://www.wholesalebolts.com/ will be much more affordable when larger amounts are purchased. 

This will also save you from taking multiple trips to the hardware store to buy box after box. 

Time Your Projects Wisely

Many homeowners tend to consider spring as the best time for home remodeling due to the weather, but the popularity of projects during this season often means that supplies and professional services will be slightly more expensive. 

It may not be as fun to remodel in the dead of winter or the hottest months of summer, but trying to steer clear of popular remodeling seasons could save you hundreds. Almost any services involving your plumbing system, roof, insulation, and HVAC system will be less when done off-season. 

Repurpose Material

If you are looking to save some serious money, then it may be time to consider using repurposed items. Repurposing and up cycling is a relatively new trend for home improvements in which old supplies and materials are adapted to fit a new project. 

Cheap supplies such as wooden pallets can be sanded, treated, and then painted or stained to match almost any d├ęcor. In addition to being cheap, they are also extremely easy to find and can be used anywhere in the home. 

Explore Home Improvement Credit Cards

Anyone that is good with credit cards or their finances in general may benefit from a credit card directly through their local home improvement company. These companies often offer huge savings such as cash back rewards and blanket discounts on any purchases made with that card. 

Anyone that is struggling with current debt or not quite comfortable with a credit card should probably steer clear of accumulating more debt and stick to the other tips.

Breaking the budget is often the biggest fear that homeowners have when it comes to their remodeling project. These simple tips will help you cut costs without reducing the quality of the finished product.


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