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Top 5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing From a Catalogue on Finance

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If you are like me you may be seeing an increase of brochures and catalogues in your mail box. It's that time of year again where the shiny pages are trying to lure you into making a purchase. Whether it's new furnishings, gardening, clothes or home decor it can be very alluring.

Shopping from catalogues from the comfort of your easy chair has always been a real treat for me and my family. It's something I look forward to every year.  
But before you get the shopping started let me give you 5 things to think about before making that purchase. 

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1. Give that Purchase a Hold and Think a Moment 

When you are paging through you catalogue you see a favorite item at a incredible price. Frequently you buy simply because the products are on sale or on a discount rate. So stop briefly and think through whether you actually require the item. If not, do not order. The mail order brochures or other companies flourish on individuals who make spontaneous purchasing choices.

2. Shipping and Handling Costs.

When purchasing your item check the fees for shipping and handling. See if they are fair and reasonable. Some companies over charge or charge a higher amount in error. 

Checking here can help you save money. Also if you are purchasing multiple items make sure you only pay for combined shipping. Some companies overcharge by shipping your items separately.  Today you can have your items shipped in many different ways. There is standard shipping and also expedited shipping. Of course, you pay extra for expedited shipping. It is an additional profit source for the business. 

If you are not in a hurry to receive your purchase then go for the standard shipping and save the money.  Some companies offer lower shipping rates than other companies. Only buy from the companies that offer low cost shipping or even free shipping.

3. Only Buy From Businesses That Have Good Customer Service.

Normally, your purchase from a catalogue should happen without any problem. It's only when your purchase is not delivered to you or ends up delivered in a damaged condition do you find out what type of customer service a company really has. 

  Contacting a business when something is wrong with your purchase can be a pleasure or a nightmare. Prior to making your purchase be sure the business believes the customer is first. Is their telephone support handled well? Can you receive free return shipping on your purchase? Can they be counted on to back up their goods with a guarantee of satisfaction? So check out and convince yourself about the business's qualifications prior to buying.

4. Purchase Now and Pay Later Plans

When purchasing on finance make sure you know what the real costs are. Many people do not understand that when purchasing on finance that you are paying an interest charge for paying for your item over time. Paying over time is a necessity if you do not have the money at the present time to pay for your item. Know the additional cost of financing is smart and will save you from any surprises later. When paying over time keep in mind that the length of time you are paying determines the total amount extra costs you will pay.

Paying for your item in one year costs less than paying for your item in three years. Many people pay over three years because the payments are smaller and more affordable in your budget. But this smaller payments means you are taking longer to pay and that means you are paying finance charges for a longer amount of time. This adds to the final cost of your purchase. Keep in mind that when order now and pay later on you will certainly wind up paying quite bit additional in interest charges. Depending upon the number of months you wish to stretch the payments the rate of interest differ.

If you select the longest time-frame of 36 months you will certainly wind up paying the greatest rate of interest.

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5. Products Might Not Be Exactly What You Believe They Are

Purchasing from catalogues has one downside from shopping in genuine shops. Because you can in fact see the item, touch it or feel it you need to picture specific aspects about the item. A trust worthy business will provide as much data as possible as well as provide you other information like size, shape and color and feel of the item. 

The mail-order carriers who are in for the quick dollar will certainly provide the products to look much better than it really is and you wind up purchasing and feeling dissatisfied. They might have a no questions asked returns policy however you might still wind up a little poorer as you cover the shipping and handling charges.

Shopping from catalogues can be a fun and money saving experience if done right. 

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