Monday, July 27, 2015

7 Mistakes That Can Put You In Debt Fast

Being in debt is stressful situation that can be difficult to get out of. Some seemingly harmless actions you take could actually contribute to your debt problems. Try to avoid these seven mistakes that can put you into debt fast.

Living Beyond Your Means

A major mistake is living beyond your means. This means having more in bills for phone, cable, car payments, food, travel and entertainment. than you are bringing into the household every week. Living beyond your means can be solved by making a budget and cutting back on services or other expenses.

Paying Bills Late

Paying your bills late can increase your debt very quickly. You could suddenly be drowning in penalties, late fees and reconnection charges that keep coming every month. Credit card companies will increase interest rates if you are consistently late. Try to pay all your bills on time.

Relying On Credit Cards for Everything

If you are relying on credit cards for everything, then you are building up debt for not reason. You have to pay interest on everything you charge. This can add up fast if you are charging every purchase. This problem gets even worse if you pay only the minimum balance on each bill, and don't charge your card for more money that you have to pay for it. 

Being Charged With a Crime

Getting into legal trouble can lead to overwhelming debt because of fees and penalties imposed by the court. You could even lose some income due to the litigation. You need to consult with an experienced attorney when you are charged with a crime, say the experts at Keyser Law. This way, you can attempt to eliminate or mitigate any financial harm.

Taking Out Irresponsible Loans

You might have the opportunity to take out a large loan for a house, car or other item that seems beyond your means. You might try a payday load for fast cash. Never take out irresponsible loans since they can instantly put you deep into debt. While paying for a house will require a loan, don't take out too many loans for things that are more wants than needs. For example, buying a used, cheaper car is a good alternative to a brand new car you can't afford.

Not Maintaining Any Savings

Emergencies are going to occur, and when they do, you will need money to handle them. If you do not have any savings, then you are at risk of falling into serious debt when an emergency happens. Start an emergency fund today. Experts have recommended to save six month's worth of salary in case of emergencies like a job loss. 

Misunderstanding Balance Transfers

If you misunderstand balance transfers between credit cards, then you can fall into debt fast. If the introductory period expires and you have not taken care of the balance, then you could suddenly be responsible for huge amounts of interest. Use balance transfers sparingly and understand them fully.

You want to be very careful with your money at all times. Never agree to something you cannot afford, never use complicated financial tricks and never pay your bills late. A little patience and responsibility can keep you debt-free.

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  1. Great post! I think the most important advice here is living within your means. By adopting this as a lifestyle you can be sure that you'll never get stuck and you will have no reason to go into debt.


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