Thursday, July 2, 2015

How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Business

cloud computing
In this day and age, when technological advancements are becoming integral parts of every successful industry and move mountains across the business landscape whenever they hit the ground, it should be obvious to anyone that, in order to survive, he has to go with the flow or drown if trying to swim upstream.

Things are not that gloomy though, and technologies that are trending are no longer exclusive to large players and corporate juggernauts. On the contrary, even small businesses are implementing them as a way to make their operations more efficient, save money and climb their way onto the next level.

Cloud computing is surely one of such technologies and here, we will mention some of the benefits it carries along with it.

Increased Security

Although you may be suspicious about the idea of storing your valuable data somewhere outside your company, consider multi cloud architecture, which is a far more secure option than you can ever achieve in-house.

Every cloud vendor will make sure that you are guarded with high level of security and some of them will even backup your data geo-redundantly, or in other words in multiple centers across multiple locations. This way you will be able to sleep well without ever fearing on-site system failure or some other unfortunate occurrences.

Increased Mobility

The idea of worker spending his entire working day strangled behind desk being considered inefficient was unfathomable not so long ago. Today, rise of powerful mobile devices, which are capable of even replacing good old laptops in most of the situations made the idea of mobility and being able to get the job done wherever you are new gold standard for efficiency.

This is where cloud computing comes into play. It allows companies to mobilize their workers and provide them with all the necessary tools regardless of their presence in company’s facility. Even on-site collaboration is improved through document sharing and instant messaging programs.

Managing Growth

Cloud computing is founded on subscription-based payment model, which is a system that allows you most flexibility when considering amount of technology usage. As every entrepreneur knows, determining amount of resources one company will need in order to scale while still being able to keep the budget under control is one of the greatest challenges he can face.

With cloud-based services it is as easy as it can be because you can react according to current needs and subscribe to service or tool you need in that very moment, without ever being constrained with advance planning. Reacting to needs as they arise will help you to manage growth much better. If you need to scale down during slower period, this option is possible too.

Lower Costs

Cloud computing is much more affordable way to go in order to develop your business than investing huge amounts of money in hardware that will surely become outdated sooner than later. And that’s the hardware only. We can easily take into equation expenses like power and cooling, server maintenance and software licensing.

Furthermore, web-applications are regularly updated and maintained by vendor personnel so there is no need to spare more money for in-house maintenance. To sum it all up, you are only spending money on licensing and along with the ability to scale up or down according to current needs this should be considered a blessing for every company’s budget.

Other Benefits

Opportunity for outsourcing: According to officials from company which provides managed services in Brisbane, cloud computing is the single most efficient way of conveying outsourcing because of the option to sync shared apps and documents in real-time, opposed to tiresome process of sending large files through e-mail.

It is very stream lined and easy to set up: Setting up some cloud service can be as easy as setting up Google or Hotmail account; just few clicks and you are there. If you think for a second, if you are using some of these e-mail clients you are already using cloud service so you should be able the manage any other thing along the way.

Unlimited storage: Or at least unlimited when compared to very limiting on-site hard drives. Also, storage expansion doesn’t cause issues with equipment and server upgrades.

Given all these facts it is not really a surprise that cloud computing is one of the most trending technologies for couple of years now and with all the benefits we counted and very high adoption rate from both small and large businesses we are sure that we will hear a lot more about the Clouds above us.

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