Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How to Break Down the Competition in Four Steps and Make your Brand Stand Out

Make your brand stand out
Have you ever wondered why Google, Apple or Facebook are so popular and at the top of their industries? Hard work. This is an answer. 

Creating a website is not enough anymore. Specific marketing strategies are needed to be and stay successful in your field. Generally speaking, there are four strategies which will help you create a unique image of your brand.

Less is more

The first marketing strategy you have to develop is the foundation on which you will build the rest of them. Find one problem customers around you are facing. Find the solution to the problem. Market your business and 
make your brand stand out

Being an expert in one field is one thing, but being the Jack of all trade is something completely different. Do not scatter your efforts on an assortment of business ventures. Focus on one thing so that you can find the easiest solution your customers desperately need. 

Research the market. Find the hole which needs to be filled and fill it with your expertise.

Market yourself as an expert

This advice is closely related to the previous one. By concentrating all your efforts on solving one problem in industry, you will market yourself as an expert. As potential customers notice how much time you spent to educate yourself for this specific field and how much work and dedication it took you to be at the top in your field, they will begin to trust you.

However, gaining trust is not an easy task. The first thing you can do is to visit answers sites. Help people who have problems in your field. Not only will you sell yourself as an expert, but answers sites gives you the opportunity to insert a link to your website, too. 

You can also join discussions on LinkedIn, find your niche audience and start finding questions you can give answers to. There is one crucial advise here. Build trust and do not act as if your only goal was to sell your products/services. Provide some links to articles which can help them. 

You can choose articles you written, but choosing the ones written by other experts in the field will be more beneficial. Write specific answers so that a questioner can really solve his/her problem. One more thing. 

Giving partial answers so that a questioner has to get in touch with you is something you should definitely avoid. 

Make your brand stand out visually

Create unique business cards. If you decide that visiting trade fairs and conferences is your marketing strategy, always have your business cards with you. Apart from cards, you will also need packaging if you sell products, stationery, promotional materials and signage.

We will focus our attention now to signage as an effective marketing strategy. Take advantage of it as you will credit half of your success to this strategy. When it comes to a professional team, we recommend a business signs Brisbane since it is one of the largest signage franchise in the world. 

The way business signs Brisbane stand out in a sea of the competition is their offer. Custom stickers, flags, hoardings, mesh banners, billboards, free standing signs or vehicle signage. Just name it.

For all of these marketing strategies, you need a logo. It is the most important part of your business representation which influences how above mentioned materials will look like. Avoid using free logos you can find online. You need a unique, distinctive, one of a kind logo which perfectly represents your business with only a few colours and graphic touches. 

A logo should last at least ten yours, so shelling out more money than you expected is small price to pay for a logo which will last a decade. You can find a professional design firm or you can hire an independent designer you trust. Bear in mind that there are a host of professional independent designer in industry who charge less than a firm does.

Make your brand stand out online

Creating a blog as a part of your website is the excellent way for selling yourself as an expert. Facebook and Twitter accounts where you can build a rapport with your customers is a must. These social media accounts provide you with a possibility to reach out to the audience all over the world. 

We have mentioned LinkedIn as a method for finding questions you can answer to help your potential customers. However, LinkedIn has one more specific feature crucial for your business success. Recommendations. Individuals or companies can recommend you to a potential client. 

They can even explain why there are recommending you, not someone else. It is also another way to build trust with your customers.

Make your brand stand out

Be the professional whatever you are doing. There is no a shadow of a doubt you will succeed with marketing strategies we mentioned.

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