Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Healthy and Alert: 5 Benefits Coffee Can Offer for Your Well-Being

Are you one of those people who need the smell of coffee to wake you up in the morning and the taste of caffeine to warm your bellies? Is a good cup of coffee enough to rouse you up and start you going? It’s not surprising, because millions of Americans are like you.

Many researchers have proven that coffee is good for you if consumed in moderation (less than 6 cups a day). Aside from the satisfaction you get from its invigorating aroma and distinctive flavor, there are many ways that coffee offer to your health and well-being.


Recent studies show that those who drink at least 6 cups of coffee on a daily basis have a lower risk of developing cancers like prostate, melanoma, cirrhosis, and breast cancer.

Studies show that a cup of coffee has more antioxidants than a serving of blueberries or orange. Antioxidants help protect cells from oxidation and shields coffee drinkers from diseases like diseases of the heart, type II diabetes, Parkinson’s and many more. Coffee contains minerals like chromium and magnesium, which improve heart health and lowers the risk of infections.


Drinking coffee can improve memory and brain health. Several studies report that coffee drinkers showed a significantly lower incidence of Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline compared to those who did not drink coffee or drank only small amounts.

One study found that caffeine all by itself may be sufficient to protect against the
development of Alzheimer’s disease. This may be due to caffeine’s antioxidants, which reduce inflammation.


The caffeine not only stimulates the nervous system but may also function as a mild antidepressant. A research conducted showed that this may be linked to a lower risk of depression and lower incidence of suicide in people who are avid coffee drinkers.


Research shows that coffee can help relieve migraine symptoms and can even stop it by consuming a cup before the situation occurs. Dilation of the blood vessels leads to vascular headaches. Caffeine constricts blood vessels by acting much like low-dose aspirin thus countering the headaches.


Coffee is non-fattening! There are 0 calories in every cup of black coffee. What you will add to your coffee (cream, sugar, caramel) will add to the calorie count. The majority of popular K-Cups from places like 11th Street Coffee aren’t only free of sugar or fat, but they are also calorie free. 

Studies also show that caffeine in our coffee can increase our metabolism by about 8% which actually helps with burning fat, suppressing fat accumulation and body weight gain.

Nothing beats having coffee together with friends and family! Bonding and sharing conversations will relieve our stress and allow us to enjoy life more. We can enjoy many cups of coffee together. 

But if we start getting anxiety and headaches after missing some cups, we may have been drinking too much, we just need to slow down and limit our coffee intake.

CAUTION: Don’t use coffee as a medication for your illnesses, pains or depression. Consult a professional, who can give you the efficient medical support and care that you need.

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