Saturday, November 14, 2015

How to Prepare Yourself Financially When Filing for Disability

Accidents happen every day to people who are sometimes doing nothing wrong. They happen on the job, in school, and at places of business. Sometimes accidents occur in the comforts of one’s vehicle. 

Preparing for a disability from an accident is difficult since no one ever knows when one will occur. However, the average consumer can do the following five things to save money while he or she is applying for disability:

Deposit a Portion of Work Checks into an Interest-Bearing Savings Account

Always be actively putting money from each of your paychecks in to savings. Try to always put at least 10 percent away from each check. If you feel the need to put more than 10 percent then feel free to put away more. 

One thing that a person can do to save money is to place some of the funds into an interest-bearing savings account. An interest-bearing savings account will provide a small return at the end of the year. 
Bottom line, the more you have in savings the more you will be able to get back from interest and the more you have in savings the more money you will have to withstand difficult times, especially if you have to go out on disability.

Have a Sale

A yard sale or an online auction can help a family to get rid of items that are just collecting dust in the home. The sale can create a cushion of funds for the person who is applying for disability, as well. 

Both types of sales are easy to conduct, and they don’t cost much money. The Internet sale costs only a portion of the auction’s ending proceeds. The yard sale costs nothing other than your personal time to conduct. This is also a great opportunity to get rid of any unwanted or unused items.

Cut Some of the Bills

One can try to prepare financially by cutting some of the unnecessary bills in the household. For example, most people don’t need all the premium channels on the cable bill or the features on the phone bill. 

A disabled person can start by cutting those bills down to a minimum. The consumer can try some changes in the automobile insurance, as well. Basically if you don’t need it and can do without it, it might be a good idea to get rid of it. Any unnecessary expenses that can be cut will help you and anyone in your family survive financially in the event that someone in your family has to file for disability. 

After all, it is better to make sure the lights stay on and food is on the table than it is to be paying for things like Netflix or any other guilty pleasures that you might have.

Conduct Some Work-From-Home Activities

A person can save money while waiting for disability by performing work-from-home activities. The amount of work that the person does will depend on his or her level of functionality. 

Examples of work-from-home opportunities are affiliate marketing, writing, web design, software engineering, customer service and more. Many jobs are available for people who want to make money while they are out of work. 

Save the Number to a Reliable Attorney

Finally, the disabled person should have the number to a reliable personal injury attorney. An accident can sometimes qualify as a personal injury if someone else is at fault for it. 

For example, auto accidents can occur because of distracted driving, which is an illegal offense. An attorney such as someone from Arrington Schelin & Munsey PC. can help sort through the mess.

Residents do not have to get caught out there with no financial cushion. The previously mentioned tips can help such a person to prepare for the worst.

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