Monday, April 4, 2016

Increasing Your Brand's Visibility without Breaking the Bank

The competition in any line of business is fierce nowadays, no question about it. Every line of production and service seems fully covered and it is very hard to survive among so many others that are trying to do the same. 

One thing is for sure, it is being visible that separates one from the plentitude of similars. Everyone knows it and therefore it usually takes a lot of money to make it happen. Usually, but not always since there are ways to increase your brand’s visibility on the budget. Here is how.

Social networking

The number of social networks users in enormous and on the constant rise. Being present on at least the most prominent ones is something that had become obligatory for all brands that wish to increase their visibility. 

And, luckily, it still is practically free. However, it is not enough just to open your page and await success since it is not going to come that way. There are thousands of brands doing just that and more. In order to stand out, you need to be active, updated all the time and interact with your followers. 

Remember, time and effort are practically your only investments here so keep providing them.

Spread the right word

There are dozens of marketing methods available. Not all are universally applicable and different lines of business demand specific approaches for best marketing results. 

But, there is a method, the most trusted one since the dawn of time that is free but has to be earned. The power a word of mouth has is the best and the worst advertisement, depending on the effort and dedication you put in your work and customer relationship you build. 

With all this in mind, listen to what your customers are saying, address their needs and complains in a timely manner and they will promote you voluntarily and free of charge.

A toast to your success

Having a toast to success is customary in the business circles, just as it is in life in general. There are birthday toasts, anniversary toasts, business lunch toasts, you name it. 

People tend to feel more relaxed when they take a few sips, say at Cellarbrations, so a well-stocked bar at your business premises is always a good idea.

Talking about toasts, why not make them branded? Competing with renowned alcohol and beverage brands would be futile, but using fully personalized custom glasses or bottles will surely stand out and be noticed. 

Not only that, this is also a smart, wallet-friendly way to increase the scope of promotion since drinks are typical for social occasions, so a great many people will notice your brand. Cheers to that!


Cross promotion is another efficient way of both costs savings and reaching greater audience. There are dozens of positive examples where two companies who have a connecting topic or area of interest merged their promotional activities and presented themselves in a joint effort.

Find a partner that complements you and promote your activities together through various channels. You will double your audience with one move and establish new contacts at the same time.

Personalize your ads

People like to know who they are dealing with. Be personally present at you social media pages and website and participate directly. This way you will build the trust of your customers and let them know they are dealing with a dedicated person and someone who truly cares about both his or her work and the customers, as well. 

Your passion and dedication will not go unnoticed and very soon the brand itself will be mentioned in the same light.

The ‘time is money’ principle applies to marketing, but with from a different angle here. If you wish to have the best brand promotion without breaking a bank, your time will have to be the biggest investment. 

Being personally present in marketing campaigns and dedicated will make a difference and make your brand stand out, just what you aimed for in the first place.

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