Friday, April 15, 2016

Money Managing Master: Become an Expert at Financial Fitness

Managing money and personal finances is not an innate skill that people are born with, but is something that takes time to learn. 

Managing your money will not only increase your personal wealth but can lead to long-term stability with enough practice. To become a money managing master, there are a few ways to increase your financial fitness and see results in a short amount of time.

Save an Emergency Fund

There are a number of different costs that you may need to pay for that you don't plan for financially. From medical bills to car repairs, it can be difficult to afford the expenses if you don't have money set aside ahead of time. 

Plan for the future by saving $1,000 in an emergency fund when it's needed. This will avoid getting into debt or over drafting on your checking account.

Create a Budget

The first step to take to have complete control over your finances is to establish a budget. Calculate your household income and write down all of your expenses each month. 

It's also important to factor in the cost of auto loans and mortgages to ensure that you make payments on time and can avoid late fees, which will affect your credit score. 

Professionals, like those at Saginaw Medical Federal Credit Union, know that taking control of your finances builds financial health. Write down the date that your bills are due each month and set up automatic payments to avoid missing the due date.

Set Goals

Financial experts always have goals established to increase their net worth and allow their money to grow. Set both short and long-term goals, which can include paying off your home, saving for your child's college tuition, or growing your investments.

Pay Off Debt

Debt is one of the main inhibitors to maintaining your money and can make it difficult to thrive financially. Perform the snowball method, which includes paying off accounts that have the smallest amount of debt first. 

Once an account is paid off, you'll feel motivated to continue your progress and can move on to the next account that has the smallest balance. If multiple accounts have the same balance, opt for paying off the account that has the highest interest rate.

By learning important skills and practices of managing your money, you can become an expert and have complete control over your finances. 

You'll not only be able to avoid stress and anxiety, but can enjoy long-term stability that allows you to prepare for different circumstances in life.


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