Friday, July 1, 2016

3 Essential Tips to Ensure a Smooth Car Deal

2015 saw a rise in the demand for cars in the USA. This was the period after the recession and several people in the US were opting to buy cars. 

Some of the top cars of 2015 are Hyundai Sonata, Ford Focus, Chevrolet Cruze, Honda Civic and Nissan Altima. However, most of these buyers are now finding it difficult to repay the loan amount to the financial institutions.

Mentioned below are some ways by which you can repay the car loans without facing many problems.

1. Choose the most suitable loan with the best rates

You should also take your time when you are selecting which car loan to choose. It is similar to selecting the car of your choice, which suits your preferences and budget. 

Doing a little research about the most profitable loans before you buy a car is going to do you good. It is natural to get attracted by the low rate interests some financial institutions associated with the car dealer offer. 

The low- interest rates are for those who have a good credit score and you may be in problem if your credit score does not match the requirements of the loan. Thinking that the dealer is offering you a profitable loan is a mistake unless you have already gone through the best car deals in town.

2. Get a credit report

Before you go to the car dealer, visit the set up by theAmerican government. It helps you to calculate your credit report. You should opt for reports from multiple credit reporting agencies. 

You can also get your scores from credit card issuing companies.This approach helps you to get a holistic insight into your credit score. The interest rateyou will be offered by the financial institution depends on your credit score. The better your score, the lower rate of interest you will be offered. 

3. Beware of easy and simple finance policies

Some buyers, who are eager to buy some of the best cars of 2015, ignore the finance policies. They are happy to get the car without thinking about the aftermath of the deal. is an ethical car dealer which informs its buyers that it does not consider an amount paid unless they have the money in their account.

Sometimes, you and the car dealer agree upon a price, but after a few days, you come to know that the dealer could not get the deal approved at the price they had agreed upon and you need to opt for a new loan at a higher interest rate. 

Some dealers go to the extent of demanding a rental fee for the time you use the car without paying the dealer. If you refuse to negotiate a new deal, the dealer may cancel the deposit you had made initially and also the trade-in. 

Under such circumstances, most buyers tend to opt for a new loan.

If you think that the dealer was being unethical as they had already given you the car keys, you might consider reading the papers once again. 

Most dealers mention in their documents that if the agreed upon price and the interest rate do not get approved, they have every right to declare the deal null and void. Either you missed the point or were too credulous to read the agreement.

There is, however, one way to protect from this trouble. You can tell the dealer that you do not consider the car to be your own unless the transaction is approved.

Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind before you sign a deal with the car dealer. Adhering to these tips can assist you to stay away from trouble after you buy a car.

Author Bio Melissa George is a car loan expert who helps aspiring buyers to make the right loan choice. She is associated with and takes an ethical approach to inform her clients.

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