Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Budget Miracles: How to Start Saving for the Ultimate Dream Home

We all long for the ultimate dream home in retirement, where we're able to enjoy retirement to its fullest. 

A little planning now can make that dream a reality. With a little creativity and discipline, you can change your current spending habits and start saving for a down payment. But how do you save when you're financially maxed out? 

Here are some ideas.

Invest Your Raises in Your New Home

Whether you're close to retirement, or you're a few decades away, invest now in your new home. Every time you get a raise at work, put as much as possible into a savings account that will contribute to the down payment on your future home. 

This is a great way to save money because you save it before you get in the habit of spending it all. Even the smallest amounts of money can add up over time. 

One or two hundred dollars a month doesn't seem like it would make a dent in a new dream home purchase, but added up over fifteen years, it could be a significant help. 

If you're not disciplined enough to leave the money alone, have your bank draft out the money automatically and put it into a separate account before you get a chance to spend it.

Budget, budget, budget!

So many people say they have a revenue problem, that they simply don't make enough money. But is it really an income problem, or is it actually a spending problem? 

Start a budget, if you don't budget already, and know exactly where your money is going every month. When people start to track their expenses they are often surprised at the amount of waste that can be eliminated. 

Don't be discouraged if you're only able to save a little each month. It all adds up, so save what you can, when you can.

Sell Current Real Estate

Another great way to get money for a down payment is to use the equity you have in your current home. 

Do small home improvements now that will add value to your home. Then, years from now, when you're ready to buy your dream home, your current home will hopefully have appreciated in value considerably.

Even if you have made bad financial decisions in the past, it is never too late for financial stability. Start budgeting, start saving, and get on the path to financial success so you too can have your dream retirement home one day. 

For more information, the experts at Assurance Financial Group recommend talking to a loan officer to help you prepare for and go through the process.

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