Sunday, September 25, 2016

Follow McDonald’s Business Model to Improve your Business’ Productivity

McDonald’s is one of the most popular food chains to rule the globe. It is, in fact, the largest food chain to sell fast foods like burgers, French fries and soft drinks. McDonald’s continues to satisfy the hunger of million customers on a regular basis. 

This is only a rough estimate; the figures may well be on the higher side. What’s the secret behind such a humongous business success? McDonald’s as an entity does not possess extraordinary skills or abilities. 

It is simply a fast food joint serving good, hygienic and tasty items. There are several similar competitors available, but they have never been able to achieve heights that McDonald’s has reached. 

Definitely, there are reasons that can be held responsible for the company’s constant success. 

Let’s take a look at some of the essential business policies being followed by McDonald’s:

Streamlining the process

There can be better fast food outlets and brands available. However, McDonald’s enjoys the highest popularity. This is because they have the entire business process perfectly streamlined to ensure best customer services. 

They have the fastest services, whether you opt for home delivery, counter purchase or take away. They have a highly streamlined process, right from cooking to putting the stuff together and preparing the dish, and serving to the clients. 

Being streamlined also makes it easier for them to attend more customers within the shortest time-span in comparison to other fast food joints.

Utilizing the concept of Upselling

This is an excellent business process that can reap great results, if handled intelligently. McDonald’s sales staff always have a tendency to boost the clients in including other available items with the ones they are ordering. 

Say, for example, if you are planning to order a cheese chicken burger, they will request you to add French fries and soft drinks to make the meal look fuller. They will also convince the clients with the money savings schemes, if the items are taken together. 

This is an intelligent policy to increase sales and productivity of every item, available with them. And the funny part is that such a policy works big time.

Discounts and limited period offers

McDonald’s also offers limited period food items to increase their demand. They have a tendency to suddenly introduce some special burger items at nominal rates. However, they keep the offer for a limited period. 

This is done intentionally to fetch more clients. They even offer McDonalds discount coupons to customers during the time of purchase. 

The coupons can be used for the next purchase, but it also comes with an expiry date. These are all promotional campaigns to keep up the sales. 

Repackaging the products is an art by itself that not everyone has the ability to carry out perfectly. Speaking about McDonalds, they are masters at repackaging their products in the most perfect way. 

This ability also helps them to take advantage of the different price levels. The concept of “Happy Meal” is the best example to complement this fact. For a few dollars extra, you are getting the good old hamburger with fries, drinks, chocolates and an additional toy. 

Now, isn’t it an attractive deal for the kids? In fact, there are several other meal options available from McDonalds that utilize the repackaging concept for better brand endorsement and high business productivity.

Author Bio: David Wicks is a blogger and e-marketer. He is a regular columnist for In this article, he has tried to figure out some crucial business policies that have proved to be highly fruitful for McDonald’s’ huge success. These principles can be utilized by anyone planning to be an entrepreneur or want to take up a franchise for some popular and renowned brand. 

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