Monday, October 31, 2016

Off To College: 5 Things To Look For In A New Laptop For School

To succeed these days in college, you certainly need a computer. Many classes, in fact, can’t be completed without them since many course materials are only made available online. 

The best computer for school is probably a laptop because it’s portable and user friendly. It’s both portable and functional. However, which laptop should you choose with so many options? Here are five things to look for.

Avoid Chromebooks

Chromebooks may seem like a good choice due to the cost savings. They are certainly cheaper than other laptops. 

However, Chromebooks are designed primarily to run Google Chrome, the web browser. They are not the best choice for productivity, which is what you should be looking for as a student. 

Instead, get a machine that runs a more productivity oriented operating system like Windows or Mac OS.

Look for a Free Virus and Malware Scanner

According to statistics, 32 percent of the world’s computers are infected by either viruses or malware. The stakes are high when you need your computer for school work. 

Malware may even attempt to steal your identity. Make sure the laptop you purchase comes bundled with a subscription for a decent virus and malware scanner.

Consider a “Two in One” Laptop

As everyone very well knows, smart phones and tablets have saturated the market. While these devices and the apps loaded on them are certainly popular, they aren’t the best devices for doing school work that should be performed on applications like word processors that require a lot of typing. 

Thankfully, there are laptops on the market with detachable keyboards that allow users to switch between laptop and tablet functionality at will.

Consider Tech Support Options

As is the case with computers in general, you may eventually run into serious technical problems that require an expert to fix. 

Paying for tech support separately can be quite expensive. Look for laptops that do come bundled with some kind of tech support service. 

Make sure the support service purchased is available in your area without the need to have your computer shipped off to a faraway location. 

You want to make sure that you look into a lot of different tech support services because after you graduate, knowing good IT companies such as Ottawa IT support can really come in handy.


Random access memory, or RAM for short, is what gives your computer the ability to run multiple programs at once. 

According to Laptop Mag, you should have at least 4 GB for a student laptop. Also remember that some laptops have upgradable memory.

Overall, think about productivity most when looking for a laptop as a student. 

While laptops can certainly be used to do many things like play video games or watch movies, your primary concern should be finding a machine that will help you complete your school work.

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