Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton & Financial Market Trading: Drawing Parallels to Help Us Trade Successfully

Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 US presidential poll. To many it was a shock loss, with the global financial markets reacting in horror to the news that Donald Trump had won the USA presidential elections. 

As far as the majority in the USA are concerned, Donald Trump deserved to win because only he can make America great again. Nonetheless, his policies on foreign nationals, immigrants, and people of other religions continue to worry the world, ergo, the financial markets. 

On the other hand, Trump's desire to spend millions of US dollars fixing the ageing infrastructure in the USA is good for the financial markets in the short-term.

The current levels of volatility in the financial markets

Where does this leave the global financial markets in the short-, medium-, and long-term? One thing is for certain, the current levels of volatility in the markets will continue and might even increase. 

In layman’s terms, there will be days when the markets are up and other days when the markets are down. The current levels of volatility in the markets are what is making online trading challenging.

Whether we like Hillary Clinton or not, I believe we have to admit that she put up a good fight. In fact, the expert opinion polls had pegged her to win by a reasonable margin. 

Unfortunately, the opinion polls were wrong, and the statisticians are still trying to work out where they went wrong. Consequently, the markets seem to be a bit wary of trusting the results of opinion polls at the moment.

Clinton and the financial markets

What does Clinton’s loss have to do with utilizing the binary options trading vehicle to save for your retirement? 

Well, she has made some powerful statements during, before, and after her campaign. 

For instance: I believe that we can draw strength from her words as we navigate our way through these stormy seas.

Try try and try again

According to Mrs. Clinton, there is no point in giving up. We need to keep on going and trying until you get it right. As a “newbie” trader or an experienced trader, there will be times when we make the wrong choices. 

Instead of throwing our hands up in horror, we need to go back and look at what we did wrong, learn from our mistakes, move forward, and try again.

Making the impossible possible

If we follow Clinton’s example, we will learn that it is important to keep on working on our business models until we succeed. It is important to keep revising it until it works. 

This point is particularly relevant to online trading in today’s volatile times. On the other hand, the good news is that if we partner with a reliable binary options trading broker, we will be able to reduce the risk of losing money because we made a wrong call. 

A world-class binary options broker will not only have state of the art binary options software, but they will also employ a highly skilled customer support team in order to help us trade successfully.

Fight fear

We all know that fear is a paralysing emotion that can prevent us from achieving our goals and dreams. Unfortunately, the older we get, the greater this fear can be. 

If we are nearing retirement and do not have enough invested to retire comfortably on, we will more than likely fall into this category of people. Because no one is really sure what the future holds for anyone, it’s easy to get stuck in a pattern of fear-driven behaviour. 

This fear will impact on every area of our lives, including our ability to place successful trades.

The good news is that a reputable, world-class online trading broker will have a comprehensive education centre consisting of a trading academy, advanced trading materials, and FAQs. They will also have expert financial analysts to help us analyse and make sense of the markets.

Final words

Hillary Clinton has drawn these quotes from the basic tenets of life. They are mentioned in all major philosophies pertaining to how we should live our lives. 

This is not to say that taking these tenets to heart and applying them in our lives is easy. All we can do is try, try and try again. Things will come right! I believe that we can draw strength from her words as we navigate our way through these stormy seas. 

But, we must not let sentiment cloud our judgment and should rather seek to adapt ourselves to these volatile ideological times by taking extra care in our attention to who we partner with in the business of binary options.


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