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How FD Calculator Helps to Invest In Fixed Deposit?

Making investments have always been a way of life for Indians, thanks to the habit of savings inculcated in us from a very young age. In fact, the first thing that is thought through after a person starts earning is the level of investment he/she can make with the earnings.

In this scenario, we come across a lot of investment avenues around us all of which promise a greater return on the amount invested. But obviously not all these investment decisions can turn out to be good.

Arenas like real estate or mutual funds can seem very enticing, but they tend to go off track in case of an economic emergency or a vulnerable situation in the market. But this is not the case with the conventional investment avenue like a fixed deposit, it has been proved time and again that this is one of the most profitable and safe option available to us. 

In India, fixed deposits are primarily offered by two kinds of institutions i.e Banks and NBFCs (Non Banking Financial Company)

Even though the banks were preferred choice to make deposits for a long time, these days, the NBFCs have started gaining foothold and are outdoing the banks in terms of popularity.

Let us now take a look into some of the facts about the company fixed deposit rates in India, that will help you understand the concept better:

● Duration: Usually in case of corporate fixed deposits, the rate of interest is decided on the basis of the duration for which the deposit is made. Some leading NBFC offers interest rate as high as 8.25%. The range of tenure can be anywhere from 12 months to 60 months.

● Payout Options: Unlike banks, most of the companies offer flexible payout options at intervals like monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly etc. Pick the one that suits you the most when it comes to managing your financial requirements.

● Varied Benefits: NBFCs offer higher rate of returns for senior citizens and employees that maintain a FD account with them. In some cases, the rate can also be extended to a member in the family of the said employee.

Tax-Saving Fixed Deposit

One of the major advantage of choosing a NBFC over a bank is that the tax saving hack works better in case of a corporate fixed deposit.

If the imminent goal of your investment is to save tax on your earnings—then without any slightest hesitation pick a corporate deposit—as the TDS is charged only when the interest income exceeds Rs 5000.

Fixed Deposit Calculator

For this plan to work out well, you need to foresee the interest receivable well in advance.

Make use of the FD interest rate calculator to design an effective portfolio that in turn aimed at fetching maximum returns.

Investments play a very important role in ensuring a secure future. Don’t let bad investment ruin all your retirement plans. Make a wise and go for a FD programme in a company rather than a bank. We are sure this data will help you make informed decisions.

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