Thursday, January 19, 2017

Risks and Rewards: 5 Tips for Confident Investing

Risk is at the heart of any lucrative investment. Rarely is it possible to invest a sum of money where there is no real risk involved. 

As an investor, it is your job to not only size up an investment opportunity, but also learn ways to mitigate loss to ensure that your investment capital is as safe as possible. With this in mind, let us look at some sound tips to making better investment decisions.

Never Panic

One of the major reasons investors lose their shirts is because they engage in overly emotional investing habits. 

With their finger on the trigger, these investors look for the first sign of trouble and jump ship, allowing fear to guide their investment strategy. When it comes to successful investing, fear is not an option. 

If you are afraid of the risk of losing capital, it is better not to invest. It is best to invest when you have first overcome the fear of great loss and can make investment decisions with a clear head. 

This is a part of risk assessment and management that every savvy investor must endure before they can become a truly great investor.

Do Your Homework

If you slap down a huge wad of cash on an investment you did not research first, then chances are good that you will lose every penny. 

All great investors spend loads of time researching each investment opportunity to make sure that the potential for reward is worth their initial risk of capital. 

When you have done your due diligence in the homework department, then you will be informed enough to make an intelligent decision as to how to best approach an investment decision. 

Or, you may find from your homework that the investment is not good and know immediately to walk away from the table with all your capital in hand.

Take Your Winnings

It is an amazing phenomenon to watch people leave money on the table. Investing is not simply a game of risk and reward, it is also knowing when to take your winnings and come out ahead. 

Too often investors will watch their investment increase, start to expect things to continue going up and then watch as their profits drop like a rock back into negative territory. 

When it comes to investing, the only sure bet is the one where you are making a reasonable return on your investment and actually take your winnings. Allowing greed to cause you to hesitate could be costly. 

Sure, your investment could always increase more, but there is no guarantee that such an outcome will occur. As the old saying goes, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

Investing in Yourself

Sometimes the best way to limit capital risk is to invest in yourself. Whether this is through furthering your education or starting a new business, spending money to make yourself a better person in a better position is priceless. 

Because sales is such a great way to earn additional money, investing in a quality MLM-based business, one like ACN's MLM-based business opportunity, can provide you with a lot of control over your earning potential. 

Since an MLM-based business pays you on the efforts of people in your downlines, accumulating sign-ups under you can generate a lot of additional cash flow for a reasonably small initial investment.


If you watch some investors, they just seem to have a good feel for which investment opportunities are the ones worth investing in and which are not. 

A closely guarded secret of many of these investors is that they learned how to speculate. For example, many investors take the time to learn how to bet on horses. 

While there is some skill involved in interpreting the odds, much of betting on horses boils down to the same types of intuitive thinking that a person like you must have when betting on a stock, currency or other investment vehicle.


Investing covers a range of skills from being able to perform seasoned analysis of data to learning how to engage in taking a good bet. 

If you practice investing on a regular basis, the skills needed to become a great investor should present themselves with each investment opportunity. Even if you experience a great loss of capital, it is comforting to know that almost every exceptional investor has gone through that as well. 

It all depends on what you choose to learn from such experiences that makes all the difference.

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