Wednesday, February 8, 2017

4 Ways to Save Money on Family Expenses Each Month

As you look at your monthly budget, you may feel frustrated when it seems that each category of expenses keeps going up. 

When you need to save money, you do not have to shut down all the lights or live on Ramen noodles. These four actions can help you to save money on routine family expenses each month.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Raising your thermostat in the summer while you are away from home and lowering it in the winter can save on heating and cooling costs. 

Consider a programmable thermostat for doing this. These thermostats allow you to set schedules so you do not forget to make the adjustment.

Cutting Food Costs

You can cut your food bill without sacrificing on taste, quality or nutrition by choosing foods that are in season. 

Rather than choosing pre-chopped onions, buy a bulk bag and chop your own. Choose less expensive cuts of lean meat and prepare them in a slow cooker to soften them. 

Shop the loss leaders and buy generic, which usually cost less per ounce. Clip coupons for things you would buy anyway.

Automotive Work

Most families have one or more cars for getting to work, school, the grocery store and all of the other places that you need to go. 

Some companies, like Dualtone Muffler Brake & Alignment, realize that cars can eat a considerable amount of your monthly budget with fuel, insurance, and licensing costs. 

You can save money on automotive work by working with an honest mechanic with fair, up-front pricing. Ask for customer loyalty discounts or if they will honor a competitor's coupon. 

If you have two or more cars, see if you can get a small discount for having all of your maintenance and repairs done at their shop.

Choose Energy-Efficient Products

Swapping out incandescent light bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs could save you up to $3.80 per year per light bulb, explains the U.S. Department of Energy's website. 

If your home has several overhead lights in the dining area and kitchen, wall fixtures in the bathrooms and a lamp and ceiling fan with lights in each bedroom, replacing those 10 to 20 light bulbs could result in saving $39 to $75 each year from light bulbs alone.

These four actions will not make a drastic decrease in your lifestyle or comfort. They do not even require any additional time beyond your initial investment. 

With each of these tips, you could save hundreds of dollars each year, providing you with budget wiggle room.

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