Monday, March 6, 2017

Renewed House: How to Save Money on Home Reclamation Projects

You've always wanted a vintage home, and you finally signed off on the property of your dreams. However, the structure requires major improvements before you can move in. Some floors may not even have staircases for easy access at this point. 

When you're ready to renew a spectacular home, it's time to learn how to save money during the reclamation process.

Check for Permitting First

A simple way to save money on your project is preparation steps. Don't start a major roofing, flooring or renovation project until you learn about the local permitting laws. 

Your renovation idea may not be allowed in the area. Installing it and being forced to remove it after a permit official inspects the home can cost thousands of dollars. Err on the side of the law, and build according to code at all times.

Keep an Eye on the Neighborhood

Materials for your reclamation project might be expensive or difficult to find. Take a look around your neighborhood for any similar homes. 

These properties might be marked for demolition, and the materials will simply be discarded. Speak to the owner about buying any of the materials at a low cost. 

Most people will love to make some money off of a demolition rather than entirely discarding everything.

Opt for Cheap Power

Generators, battery packs and other power sources can be expensive and difficult to use. You may not have the power necessary to complete part of the project either. 

Consider using an air compressor for your power-tool needs. Particular companies, like Kruman Equipment Company, know that air compressors offer pneumatic power so that you can drill and fasten your way through a project. 

The air power is adjustable, which makes it flexible for almost any installation or renovation need.

Try DIY on Simple Projects

You might hire professional contractors for certain projects, such as installing stone floors, but take on some of the smaller projects on your own. Paint, install a sink and perform other tasks that aren't too difficult. 

You'll save hundreds of dollars on labor costs alone. Reserve complex jobs, such as electrical work, for the professionals who have the skills and safety tools to complete the work in record time.

Try to round any of your financial numbers upward because reclamation projects tend to add up in price over time. 

When the project is complete, however, you'll have a beautiful home that can reflect a bygone time. A beloved home is worth saving when you have the passion to do so.

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