Saturday, May 13, 2017

Best Healthcare Technologies to Invest in as You Get Older

As you age, it’s not uncommon for simple tasks to become more of a struggle and the loss of independence can be quite hard to swallow. 

Technology is constantly advancing, and now there are different devices and systems that can assist with everyday tasks and improve the quality of everyday living. 

Here are some of the best healthcare technologies to invest in as you get older. 

The Tabsafe

The Tabsafe is a device that assists with medication consumption. It is a fully medication management system that can do everything from sending reminders on when to take medication and how much to take, to sending information to doctors when prescriptions are running low. 

This technology essentially assumes the role of a medication nurse and eliminates the need for any added fussing. One of the most useful features on this devices, is the fact that all information regarding medication and consumption can be accessed through a portal on any smart device or desktop – so loved ones, family members and healthcare professionals have easy access to any important information they may need in a case of an emergency.

The Grandcare System

The GrandCare device is a home system that has countless adaptable features. The system is a large tablet face with user friendly touch-screen buttons, which delivers instructions, reminders, medication prompts, social communications with friends and family and even videos. 

One of the most popular features is the Care Portal, which allows family members to stay connected with ease, by allowing them to exchange messages, and to access important information on things such as upcoming events, health indications and medication renewals. This technology is so versatile and user friendly that anybody could use it.


GPS technology systems are tracking devices operated by satellite locators. They are able to pin point the location of any receptive device, which can be extremely useful for the elderly. 

For example, this technology would be great in the event of an emergency, where a senior is suffering from a mental health problem, memory loss or confusion and leaves the house unattended. 

GPS tracking is easily accessed through smartphone devices and applications and can therefore allow the user to be situated and helped quickly. Technologies like sensors, GPS tracking systems and even senior focused social networking sites often mean that seniors can live at home and maintain a level of independence. 

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