Thursday, July 20, 2017

6 Tips on How to Improve Your Online Sales

Shopping online is growing more and more popular every day. It is easier in the sense that it gets done quickly and you do not have to go anywhere. 

However, it is very demanding for the website owners as the customers can be skeptical towards buying something they haven’t touched or seen, tried on etc. It works better for the services, but then again, competition is vast so you have to come up with a way for your online sales to stand out.

Organize your shelves

The same way you put a thought into organizing your store shelves, equipment, and sales personnel, you need to think carefully about how you layout information on your website and what information it contains. 

Remember that it is your sales assistant and try to write descriptions of products or services as to answer any questions a customer may have.

Reach out to people

Set up social network accounts. This will allow you to regularly update your potential customers without too much hassle. You can even target them by joining certain groups. 

Encourage your visitors/customers to leave comments on your social network profiles and link them to your website. That way, newcomers will be able to read up on different experiences with your product/service.

Invite people to act promptly

Make the best use of your call-to-action buttons. They need to be striking and impossible to miss. You need to make your customers want to click on them badly even if it is just a sign-up. 

Having subscribers will allow you to send out newsletters and remind people of your existence regularly. Make the sign up as quick and easy as possible, perhaps even by using an account they already have with let’s say Google. 

This is a place to hire an SEO company to assist. Also, they could help increase traffic on your page which will boost the sales.

Record yourself

It doesn’t have to be you personally, but you can have promotional videos of your offers embedded on your website. 

Perhaps, you could even offer instructions on how certain products are used or even tour guides depending on the services provided and link them to your website. People prefer watching someone do it while learning how to do it over reading an instruction manual.


Use analysis tools to find out which pages of your website are the most visited and successful when it comes to sales. 

You can then adapt other pages to be more like the top ones. Also, analyze the products you are selling and divide them to your top and your bottom sales.

Offer good deals

This is a typical marketing strategy so you need to use it, offer good deals to your visitors. You now know what your most popular products are, so use them to sell other, less popular related products. 

Also, you can target the less favored ones and try to point out why someone would benefit from buying them even if they perhaps are not really top notch. Try offering quantity discount, buy one get one free etc.

Remember that your online visitors have a wide range to choose out of. You need to make sure that they choose you. Offer them as much information as possible so they feel like they are making a sane decision and are not being pushed into anything. 

Try to answer all of their questions related to a product. If possible, enable live chat on your website to assist them. Once they know they are making an informed decision they will think more of you and have greater trust for their future shopping.

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