Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How to DIY Your AC Repair and Save Money While Doing It

Your worst-case scenario comes true when you turn on the air conditioning, and it doesn't react at all. With brand-new systems costing thousands of dollars, it's understandable to be concerned about your HVAC's functionality.

There are a few ways to fix your AC as a DIY project. Follow these tips to repair your system while saving money at the same time.

Before You Get In Too Deep

You know if you are capable of trying to repair your A/C. Stay out of your system if you are not comfortable with it. Whether you are needing AC maintenance in Beaumont, CA, or New York City, don't underestimate the importance of a professional's opinion, skill, and experience. Ideally, hire a professional at least once a year.

These experts can test and repair minor issues with your AC. When you make the effort to repair the HVAC on a regular basis, its integrity remains intact.

Switch to Reusable Filters

Although it may seem counterintuitive to repair a system and save money, it's possible when you focus on the AC's filter. Most systems come with a disposable filter that must be replaced several times a year.

Free yourself from this cost by purchasing a reusable filter. Each month, pull the filter out, rinse it, and allow the material to dry. Place it back in the AC unit after completely dry. You'll have a filter that lasts for several years when you consistently clean it off regularly.

Comb It

Your AC's exterior unit has a complex housing with dozens of parallel components open to the elements. These condenser parts are prone to warping because of weather or debris striking it during the year.

Some companies, like A-1 American Services, know that you should be able to avoid replacing the condenser by combing its fins. You're essentially straightening out the condenser's fins so that the system works at its peak efficiency. Save money on condenser parts and the energy bill at the same time.

Check the Large Capacitor

There's a sinking feeling when you suddenly have a problem with the AC's exterior unit. You might hear a buzzing sound with no fan rotation. In many cases, your system may have a bad capacitor or power component.

With a little DIY ingenuity, you can replace this capacitor on your own so that the system powers back on. Give a second life to your AC unit by swapping out this basic part.

Swap out the Thermostat

Control your AC unit with greater ease by replacing the thermostat. There are only a few wires to switch out during the process. Newly manufactured units typically have Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can control the temperature from any location.

These types of thermostats are simple to use, and you won't worry about leaving the system on when you take off for work or school. Save money by switching it on and off as necessary during the workday from the convenience of your phone.

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