Friday, September 15, 2017

Auto Savings: How to Compare and Contrast Car Insurance Quotes

Car Insurance

Today, it is easy to get a quick car insurance quote on an insurer's website or a collection of quotes from several different insurers on a comparison site. However, there are several important tips to remember when comparing auto coverage quotes.

Research the Company

If the company is offering an especially low rate, research it on third-party unbiased review sites. When you are researching a company that you never heard of, be wary of signing up for coverage. 

If there are more negative than positive reviews about the company's operating policies, it is worth your time and money to pay a little more to work with a reputable insurer. Damages and lost money from scams and fraud wind up costing all policyholders more money. 

According to the FBI, insurance fraud costs American families between $400 and $700 per year in higher premiums. Know what to look for to avoid scams.

Know the Deductible

When talking to an agent from one company and getting a lower price quote than another company, be sure that the deductible is the same. 

Some companies, like United Security Agency, know that you should ask how much the difference would be to switch to a lower deductible. With some companies, the price to choose the lower deductible is not much different than a higher one. 

However, this is not always true. Choosing a deductible is a matter of how much risk a person wants to take and can afford in the event of having to file a claim.

Research Discounts

Not all companies factor in every discount when they provide a quote. Some insurers offer telematics devices, which measure driving habits when people use their vehicles. 

If a person drives carefully at a safe speed and does not ride the brakes in a way that indicates frequent distractions, he or she can qualify for a premium discount after several months. Some companies also offer military, student, and other discounts.

Learn About Customer Service

Find out if the company has a good reputation for serving customers promptly and resolving issues. The company should be good at resolving issues such as emergency roadside assistance, general questions, and especially claims. 

If there are more complaints about the company not honoring legitimate claims, beware of the insurer.

Try to compare at least five to seven insurance companies before making a decision. There are hundreds of smaller and larger insurers to consider in the United States.

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