Monday, October 2, 2017

DirecTV NOW Review

I ditched stellite television a couple of weeks back and substituted it with Hulu, Netflix and Sling TV. So being a cable cutter, I was seriously psyched by the news of DirecTV NOW with its 120+ channel lineup. I am looking to cut back on expenses as we near retirement and tv can get pretty expensive. After many weeks of screening DirecTV NOW - I can tell you it's not quite ready for prime time.

DirecTV NOW app

The interface for the DirecTV NOW app is tidy and consise, however not quite simple, so it takes a little time to get used to it. The app lets you do things like set TV channels as favorites, check out a TV guide, and gain access to on demand titles. 

Thus far, the app is still buggy, however it's being routinely upgraded and enhanced, and extra on-demand titles are being included. Regardless, possibly the neatest element of the DirecTV NOW interface is that you can continue to view a show in the background as you scroll around the user interface searching for something else to view.

TV programs and channels stream effortlessly and look fantastic. Already, there are apps provided for Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android, Chromecast, iPad, and iPhone. Along with those apps, you can even log in from your browser to stream DirecTV NOW.  I'm actually a Roku fan and have been using it on there for a month and I will continue for one more month to really get the feel of it.

I initially found out about DirecTV NOW as a service with over 120 channels and one that would be $35, however it ends up both of those things aren't real at the same time. DirecTV NOW has 4 subscription levels, varying from over 60 channels to the leading level, which has more than 120.


Live a Little-- $35/ month (60+ channels).
Just Right-- $50/ month (80+ channels).
Go Big-- $60/ month (100+ channels).
Got ta Have it-- $70/ month (120+ channels).

The 120+ channel lineup for DirecTV NOW is outstanding, and you can even add on premium channels like HBO and Cinemax for an additional $5 monthly each. When DirecTV NOW initially released, they offered a special introduction discount which provided their 100+ channel lineup for $35. 

That promotion ended in January, and now they've gone back to their regular multiple bundle prices which begins at $35 for 60+ channels and increases to $70 for 120+ channels. Regrettably, at $70 for 120+ channels, you're most likely much better off going straight through your cable television carrier and getting a TV/ Internet package that consists of DVR functions, which DirecTV Now presently does not have. 

This is damaging to the service, because without the DVR function this is potentially the greatest defect of the brand-new service.


DirecTV NOW will unquestionably keep improving gradually-- currently, we've seen its catalogue grow considerably since its release over the past number of weeks. However, in the meantime I cannot support its high price point. 

At its $50/Just Right option, the price was right for me, I do not need anymore channels than that. To make the service a somewhat more appealing, I 'd like to see offline watching and DVR functions hopefully very soon, a larger on-demand catalog, and more reasonable prices compared with other services. 

If DirecTV NOW can make all that occur, it might end up being a cord-cutter's dream.

The Good: 

  • More channel choices than its rivals 
  • provides premium channels for an additional price 
  • smooth streaming experience 
  • fantastic for live TV
  • no contract needed 
  • no surprise costs

The Bad: 

  • No DVR component yet 
  • buggy software
  • expensive plans
  • requires more on-demand titles to make it interesting

My recomendation is to try the Live a Little-- $35/ month (60+ channels) choice and see if you like it. If it's your first Internet tv choice, this is a good one to get your feet wet.

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