Tuesday, November 21, 2017

5 Home Repairs You Should Never DIY

People often turn to DIY repairs to save money or because they are too impatient to wait for a repairman. The internet is full of various tutorials and how to articles so it is not uncommon that people believe they can do the repairs themselves. 

But no matter how easy they may seem, some repairs actually require expertise and knowledge which only comes with experience and years of learning. Additionally, not all repairs are safe to perform and can even be life-threatening, like meddling with electricity or doing roof work. 

It comes down to this: if you want it done right then avoid DIY-ing the following repairs and leave them to the professionals.

1. Fixing the Roof

The roof is one of the most important parts of the house since its main purpose is to shelter the inhabitants from the weather and keep them protected. 

But if it leaks during rain or snow, the tenants start worrying about whether the moisture will enter the foundations and walls or not. They also believe that the repair price will be too high so they decide to do it themselves. 

Although it may seem like a piece of cake, roof repairs not only require skill, but also present a dangerous task for an inexperienced person. It is very easy to slip or trip and fall down on the ground, causing serious injury. 

Also, if not done correctly, the problem will return or may get bigger due to the layman approach.

2. Replacing the Windows

Replacing the windows is known to be costly and people postpone it as long as they can. There are various things which can go wrong even if the work appears to be perfectly carried out. 

Then it has to be done all over again and ends up being more costly than it initially would have been. Due to the lack of knowledge, you might be using the wrong kind of insulation and construction materials, not to mention that the installation technique and positioning of the windows are also factors to be included in the works. 

The same applies to the doors, except in that case you have to think about all the security issues which may arise from careless and amateur repairs.

3. Wall Removal

The best way to expand your space is to remove the walls. This is a great solution to create an open floor plan, but it’s also not a cheap one so you consider doing it yourself and maybe with the help of a few friends. 

Furthermore, you have heard or read somewhere that demolishing walls with a sledgehammer can be really therapeutic and relieve stress, so it also has some health benefits. 

Only there are more hazards in playing the demolition man that will outweigh those benefits if you do not know what you are doing. Some walls are load-bearing and if you tear them down you can cause the ceiling to collapse. 

Also, if you live in an old house or an apartment building, removing walls can create dust made of construction materials, some of which could be poisonous and toxic, e.g. lead and asbestos.

4. Fixing Gas Appliances

Gas appliances are not uncommon in homes. They are used for stoves, ovens, water heaters, heating, air conditioning and you can also use them for the fireplace to impress the guests and enjoy in the snowy winters. 

But gas is not something to trifle with and can have very serious consequences which may even result in destruction of property, injury and death. As pointed out by the experts from the Total Appliance repair center, the gas supply line is easy to interrupt when connecting the pipes together or sealing the joints. 

This may seem like minor trouble, but the carbon monoxide released in this way is a known cause of many home deaths.

5. Electrical Repairs

Electricity is dangerous and life-threatening if not handled the right way and with caution. Even the smallest of repairs can cause injury and loss of life if you do not know what you are doing. 

To handle electricity, you must have the basic knowledge of how to prevent getting in any contact with the current. Besides the right tools, it also requires knowledge of materials, electricity behavior, power line schemes and how to approach every problem. 

You may hear that a switch is easy to replace, but if you do not have previous experience and possess even the smallest doubt in your skill, then opt for an electrician and save yourself the stress and having to deal with even worse consequences.
Tread Carefully

Of course there are more tasks you should never do on your own and when it comes to repairs you should be well aware of your abilities and skill set. Never try to prove that you are able to pull off a DIY or save money that way, because the results may cost more than imagined.

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