Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Green and Clean Home: How to Save Money on Your Monthly Energy Bills

If you’re like most consumers, you are diligent about saving money whenever you can, whether it’s by using mobile apps or coupons to get the best deals on products or services you buy or by following a strict household budget. 

While it’s virtually impossible to eliminate all monthly energy bills, here are a few tips to help you save some money on them.

Ask Energy Suppliers If They Offer a “Budget” Payment Plan

One of the fastest ways to put a “cap” on your monthly energy bills is by enrolling in your Energy Suppliers Budget Payment Plan. 

Instead of charging customers in full for their usage every month, the energy supplier averages your use and “budgets” payments across multiple months for a predictable price.

Turn down Your Thermometer

While you always want to make sure that you and your family are comfortable, dropping the temperature of your home by just a degree or two significantly impacts your monthly energy bill. 

If you wear a sweatshirt or cover up with a blanket, you’ll still be just as warm.

Winterize or Update Windows

Did you know that the average home can lose as much as 30% of treated (heated or cooled) air? As you can imagine, this is a devastating blow to your pocketbook and the efficiency of your home. 

If possible, consider upgrading your window system to prevent air leaks. If you’re unable to buy new windows, winterizing them is an affordable way to block leaks and prevent drafts.

Replace Old Light Bulbs

Over the years there have been significant improvements made in the lighting industry. Old incandescent light bulbs fell out in favor due to their inefficiency. 

Lighting solutions and bulbs from companies like LED Lighting Wholesale Inc. are energy efficient and flexible to meet the needs of consumers in the United States.

Smart Thermometer

Smart thermometers are a breakthrough that empowers people with remote technology so that they can control the climate (and many other aspects) of their home using an app or their Smartphone. 

If no one is home during the day, you can adjust the temperature accordingly, so you pay less when no one is home.

Take Advantage of Your Fireplace

Using your fireplace is a great way to save money on your energy bills each month. It might require a little extra work by purchasing for finding and splitting your own firewood, but it is worth it if you can heat your home without having to use your furnace. 

This helps you cut down on your gas and electric bills each month as you will be heating your home naturally.

Go Solar

Solar energy is on the rise. You may have even driven around your neighborhood and have noticed some of your neighbors have solar panels sitting on their roof. 

With harnessing the power of the sun can also go solar with your home and consequently save money each month. 

This way you are not having to pay out all of your money to you electric and gas companies. Instead, by going solar you can power your own home (for the most part) without those other companies.

The chances are good that your monthly energy bills account for a significant portion of your household spending. 

The more money you can save each month, the more your bank account will thank you. It also opens up other opportunities to spend your money elsewhere. 

By implementing some of the suggestions mentioned above, you’re doing what you can do to control your monthly energy usage and controlling your budget.

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