Thursday, December 14, 2017

5 Money Management Tips Around the Holidays

An increase in expenses and the abundance of temptation during the holiday season can cause you to go incur more debt than you can manage. If you’re barely making it from payday to payday, any additional expenses can result in stress and worry regarding how to handle your monthly bills. There are some tips you can follow to help with money management around the holidays and throughout the upcoming year.

Prepare a Budget

If you don’t currently have a budget that you’re using consistently to manage your money, now is the time to create one. A prepared budget will show you clearly how much income you have coming in and where most of that income is going. 

Installment loans from a company like Las Vegas Finance require a fixed amount be paid each month. This type of payment will remain a consistent part of the budget until the loan is paid off.

Variable Expenses

Utility bills and credit card payments vary. To assure that you can cover these bills, figure in what is typically a high amount so that you’ll be sure to have money in the bank to cover them. 

Utility bills often vary according to seasons. When you have a decrease in your utility bill, you can apply the extra money to a credit card bill to expedite the payoff.

Budgeting for Holiday Gifts

Even if you don’t shop for holiday gifts until after Thanksgiving, you can still factor the expense into your monthly budget. Setting aside a little money each month can lessen the shock to the budget when the holiday shopping time arrives. 

Once you know how much you have to spend, it’s essential that you exercise restraint and stick with that amount. You can implement some frugal shopping techniques to stretch your money as far as possible.

Holiday Entertaining

The holidays can be a time for family and friends to get together for meals or parties. You shouldn’t over-extend yourself or your budget for holiday entertaining. Arranging potluck dinners can ease some of the financial strain when you’re hosting a meal. 

Keeping snack foods to a minimum and serving homemade treats can also ease the strain on the budget. If finances are tight, you can politely decline invitations that you feel you must reciprocate.

Holiday Traditions

Family traditions make the holidays special. To avoid additional financial stress during the holidays, create some inexpensive traditions such as taking a drive to view local lighting displays, watch Christmas movies at home or attend free local holiday events. 

It’s the memories that are made, not the expense of the adventure, that matter the most.

It may take some self-discipline to stick to your monthly budget during the holidays but doing so will eliminate the post-holiday stress that comes from over-spending. Make the holidays more about experiences than about material things.

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